BEWARE: hacker from Asia!!!

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  1. I personally in Asia but I never support this illegal thing and wish I could make big fight against it!

    He will offer to purchase your mid to high end item but the only one method he'll use credit card - NO, not PayPal but he want you swipe his card directly to credit card machine !!!

    I hear from my bf ( he has some friends here and they're hacker ), first of all, they'll try to keep correspondent with you by emails then try to hack your email, eBay etc. Those hackers use other people's card number, ask to ship to their store in Asia ( they said they're in USA or Europe ) then after that, the original holder will come after us even sue us so we'll lost money & bag :yucky:

    Read his message:

    [FONT=Arial, Verdana]Hello,,
    I interested with your stuff. i'll pay $1,150.00 and i want you shipp
    to my store in Asia. You can charge my credit card for payment. the
    only way i want you charge my card into manual swipe charge machine
    for safety reason.I can't make check or money order cause I spent my
    cash money for build my new store. If you don't have charge machine
    maybe you can find at your family, friends or the other. please let
    me know If you agree with that. reply to xxxxxxxxx for


    His name is so Indonesia - don't heartless, I'm in Indonesia, too but I'm not such this man :yucky: and I know his method of hack, beside it don't let them get your email address.
  2. Beside it, my BIN price $750 only, where's in the world there's such this "nice" man, will pay $1150 for the bagI'm asking for $750? Scammer and hacker :cursing:
  3. Thanks. I'll keep an eye out.
  4. Thanks for the heads-up.
  5. I can't believe how many dishonest people are out there. It just make me sad for mankind. :crybaby:
  6. We need to make our Mail tracking world wide; they can do this it is not the 1400 hundreds. Send them emails. The payment service we use now will refund to anyone if you can not show tracking to or back to or from as in return.
  7. Thanks for posting this. My brother is looking for payment gateway to take credit card w/out using Paypal (bad experience), this is another thing he should be aware of.
  8. Thanks for all of your positive responses :smile:

    I know forum maybe not allowed me to provide the user ID but I think it's so important for fellow tPFers to refuse to sell to this man, he'll find another way to scam us, so please beware, his ID:


    He tried to show as he's in USA or Europe while he obv. is in Java, Indonesia :yucky:
  9. Geez, any fool knows you can get cash on a credit card at a bank! This guys not only a scammer, he's an idiot if he thinks we're all stupid out here! Its like these scams where they offer 100's more than the item, send payment some way and want you to immediately send the difference back along with the item. I tell them I will accept a BANK CHECK only, and I will hold for 3 weeks until 100% cleared, and ONLY then will I send money back or the item purchased. They don't bother me again. They figure they'll get money back from you and the purchase with enough time to stop payment on whichever method they use and you're out everything, but once a check is 100% clear there is nothing they can do. :yes:
  10. Thanks for the warning!!!
  11. A couple of years ago my husband was trying to sell a classic Mustang on some web site (not sure where now). But you would not believe the 'cashiers' checks I received from scammers. They were for thousands more than we were asking for the car.Then they would say... I am sending you lots of extra money to pay the shipper. I need to pay him in advance so please send the extra 'cash' to me right away so I can inform shipper to pick up the car. I think we got about a dozen of them.
  12. Thanks,for the info.