Beware..glove holders

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  1. I'm calling them glove holders as I'm not sure of the Hermes name for them but I am referring to those clips that you can hang your gloves off from your bags. Last month I went shopping with my birkin, the glove holder was hanging from one of the handles and I had a pair of new leather Hermes gloves in them. I didn't notice until I got home that night but my gloves were missing:crybaby: - I hadn't actually even worn them for fear of dirtying them but hung them on my bag as they were a perfect colour match and I had been admiring all those Japanese ladies in Tokyo who hung their beautiful gloves from their Hermes bags just like fashion accessories. Vanity is not a good thing! I can only think of two possibilities and hope it was not the latter. 1. They fell out which doesn't seem that likely, tho this can't be ruled out, as I carried that bag with them on all through crowded airport security etc and they didn't fall off then. 2. Somebody swiped them from the holder, I did feel a little brush against my bag when I was queueing up but only thought to check my wallet, the thought of somebody even taking my gloves or that they may have fallen off when this person brushed me did not even cross my mind. I am therefore posting this to warn those of you that may carry your gloves on your bags, be careful! I certainly will not be repeating my mistake however lovely the gloves may look adorned on my bag!
  2. Oh wow,This is very sad news & I feel for you.I have at time placed my breloque as a glove holder but after hearing this I'll try instead of having them hang outside the bag have it in reverse hanging from in.This way I'm hoping if it does fall it will just fall in the bag.Although if it was someone who swiped them,this other method may not be any better at protecting them?Some people have to ruin it for all.I do try to always have my bag closed & in front of me with hardware facing me if i'm in a crowded situation but like you said even then there are those who do something terrble like what you said.I hope somehow you get your gloves back or are able to purchase new ones.Maybe check with your insurance policy to see if they cover theft.I don't know if its possible on a smaller item like gloves but you never know.
  3. Thanks Diva999.:hugs: I was really upset when I discovered it but then DH told me that 2 days of feeling sorry for myself was plenty enough over some gloves! Men huh?! I definitely think that hanging them on the inside is a much better idea, unfortunately I was being vain. I'm usually very careful with my bags, and keep checking that my purse is there if I'm wearing it open (which is most of the time cos let's face it the birkin is not the most practical of bags to be shopping with in a closed state!), however on this occassion I should have kept a check on my gloves too!
  4. Oh dear! :sad:I feel so sorry for you.:smooch: A big hug!!:flowers:
    It's very heart broken!!
    Was this the one that you use for your Hermes gloves? I always think of getting one, now I may need to re-think.:thinking:

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  5. I have one:


    And I use it to hold my gloves:


    That picture is kinda wrong, though. Because I learned that in order to properly use the holder, it should pinch the gloves at its thickest part. Otherwise, the gloves would fall. So I put the gloves on top each other, palms facing each, roll the gloves and place the holder on the part where the thumbs are so that it's really tight.

    So far, I haven't lost my gloves.

    And I also learned that the glove holders can't be used for non-leather gloves (wool, cashmere, nylon, etc) because they slip. I don't know if it would also work for suede.
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  6. I often wondered about the glove holders. I'm sorry to hear that you lost your gloves!

    allan - Thanks for the demonstration pic!
  7. i'm sorry to hear about your gloves.....(((hugs)))
  8. :hugs:here's a big hug right back at you!!I believe in karma so surely this won't end well for them.I wish you the best of luck in getting H gloves again!!
  9. Oh so sorry, I didn't know about the glove holder, but thanks for the warning. Again so sorry.
  10. so sorry about your gloves...I can't stand when I lose a favorite thing... your pug pic...I have a, love her..she's constantly by my side..such happy dogs:smile:
  11. that's horrible. . . that person will get what he or she deserves eventually. hugs to you
  12. I just want to add that I'm sorry for the loss of your gloves. :sad:
  13. Sorry you lost your gloves! I use the Filou holder strictly as a bag charm.
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  14. i'm sorry you lost your gloves...:sad: and have'nt used it yet... i hope it just fell and nobody stole cos that just annoying...

    i didn't even know H has a glove holder.

    Allan, thanks for the pics. it's my first time to see it.. :smile:
  15. you're welcome. it's Ranag's fault: she cleans every store's inventory and with her reveals, sometimes people find out Hermes things that many don't even know about. :P it's how I found out about the glove holder. when I went to my store, the SA had to pull it from a drawer. it was not displayed.