Beware fake sold on Bluefly

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  1. Just an FYI: this bag turned up on Bluefly and it is fake! I know there is a big controversy with Gucci on Bluefly now also. Oh boy....
    The tag is all wrong and everything wrong here with this Bal. Just wanted to add that I have bought a bag from them in the past few years and it was authentic. Don't know what is going on there but it is troubling.
  2. There are questions flying around about whether these bags are seconds or outright fakes.. I think that has yet to be determined. I'm am really hoping we get some sort of concrete answer though. This reminds me of the koodos/ SS bags too. Le sigh..

    I wonder if the person who bought that bag is a member here.. would love to see some real photos of it.
  3. I have emailed Bluefly and will report if I get a response.
  4. OMG ... again!?!?! This happened many years ago, when Bluefly had some fake Bals and when the buyers pointed them out, at first .. they didn't do too much about it. It then became very scandalous such that it ruined their reputation. Needless to say, Bluefly had to take all the stock back and refund all the buyers. It took quite some time before their merchandise was 'trusted' again .. and now this?!?! What a disaster ...

  5. OMG
    I just bought a bal wallet from them!!
    Needa to run authentic then, but i do feel it is authentic though!
    But still to be safe, ask export :smile:
  6. I wonder if they sell authentic items and then, people return a fake and scam Bluefly itself. Sure wouldn't surprise me.!!!!:wtf::confused1::shrugs:
  7. ^There were ALOT of Gucci bags(same kind)reported OFF this past week....not just one which some say could be accounted for a SINGLE switch.ALL of a sudden a bad batch seems to have come in to Bluefly,IMHO.If u look in the Gucci forum, can see how many PFers had questionable issues with their bags they got there recently.
    hard to explain why there are so may "off" bags...IMHO.I know they pulled the Guccis off their site..we shall see what happens next,I guess
  8. I emailed them and here's the response:

    "Dear ___,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    We will be happy to look into this for you.

    The Bluefly Guarantee: At Bluefly, we offer only the best brand names and highest quality goods. We proudly stand behind the authenticity of our goods. In some instances, these goods may not be obtained directly from the designers but rather may have been purchased from reputable resellers at a discount. In this regard, Bluefly expressly disclaims any indication that it is an authorized dealer or agent of any of the designers whose goods are offered on this site.

    Should you require assistance, please call Bluefly Customer Service at 1.877.BLUEFLY (1.877.258.3359). If you are calling from outside the United States, please dial 212.944.8000 and press 1 to speak with Customer Service. Our FlyReps are there to serve you Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Sunday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

    Please use this link to rate the response you received in this email.

    Thank you for your continued interest in Bluefly.


    Bluefly Customer Service"

    So, basically, this says "buyer beware" to me. They have a very good return policy, but one would have to know it is fake to want to return it!

    ETA: I rated their response as "poor."
  9. ^ Yeah.. it's like the chicken or the egg thing. They are not legally allowed to disclose their suppliers but at the same time, need to prove authenticity. This is a shame..

    Bluefly has a lot of great, authentic bags but if even a few fakes get in, it can ruin the whole business' reputation.
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    I've read that on the Gucci sub-forum, apparently they had 48 (yes 48) interlocking boston bags in stock - one member wanted to see how many bags they had in stock and it was at 48 boston bags that they finally showed that the bag was in another shopper's bag...

    Here's the link to the post
  11. I am curious to see if I will get another response. In all fairness, a customer rep cannot do anything but give a "canned" response. I hope Bluefly takes this seriously and doesn't hide behind some disclaimer which doesn't excuse them from the illegal practice of selling counterfeits :sad:
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  13. This is EXACTLY what happened with the Balenciaga fakes!! They had a glut of them (not just 1 - so it wasn't like it was a switch-a-roo), and then had to deal with the consequences of having all of them returned. Bottom line .. I guess they DID NOT learn their lesson from their previous mistake and as such, their off MY list!

    Caveat emptor!!
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    Hello All,

    This is Melissa Payner, Bluefly's CEO. While I do not normally post on this forum, this topic is every bit as important to me as it is to each of you, so I wanted to take a moment to address it personally.

    First, and most importantly, I want to make clear that we guarantee to each of our customers that our products are 100% authentic. In addition to being Bluefly's CEO, I head up our merchandising efforts. I have been personally involved in the designer handbag selection featured on our site and have worked long and hard to develop the worldwide sourcing network that makes those bags available. The reason I have gone to great lengths to develop this network is because I am passionate about delivering on our promise of in-season, on-trend at a value. I do not believe that there is another retailer, online or brick-and-mortar, that does a better job of delivering on this promise with designer product.I - along with everyone else at Bluefly - pour my heart and soul into making sure that we sell only the best products.

    Like you, I am a lifelong lover of quality fashion, and I understand your anxiety and suspicion, given how much questionable product there is out there in the market. However, what hurts me personally is the assumption that at worst we are trying to trick people, and that at best we “got a bad shipment” and didn’t know the difference. Putting aside my personal feelings, it is important to look at the facts, and I do not see any facts here that suggest that our products are inauthentic. The handbag that is mentioned in this string is a style for which we only had one unit. It was first put up for sale on our web site earlier today and is currently in transit to the person who purchased it. So, I am assuming that the person who claims that the product is fake is making that claim solely by looking at a photo. As someone who has spent more years than I care to admit to in the luxury goods market, I honestly do not see how someone can make a determination as to whether a product is real or fake without even seeing or handling it. On a more fundamental level, the idea that Bluefly is involved in any way with goods that are not authentic just does not make sense. We are a public company that posts gross sales far in excess of $100 million per year. While I understand that there are any number of small, transient businesses that make money selling inauthentic products, it would be impossible to build and maintain an operation of our size by selling fakes.

    Moreover, brands such as Balenciaga spend an incredible amount of resources tracking down counterfeit product. Given that we are an easy-to-find public company, rest assured that we would be hearing directly from them if what we were selling is questionable in anyway. The bottom line is that this disreputable and immoral way of doing business hurts us as much as anyone, and we do everything in our power to fight it.
    All of that being said, I also want to make sure that each of you understand that you absolutely have the right to return any product that you purchased from us for any reason. A liberal return policy has always been a hallmark of our business, and it is something that we are very proud of.

    On a final note, I want to apologize for the customer service response that was quoted earlier in this string. It was not responsive to your very valid questions and concerns and was simply not acceptable. I will personally make sure that we do not provide that kind of response to a customer again.

    Thank you for taking the time for reading this. While I cannot post on the forum on a regular basis, I really do enjoy reading it and have loved seeing how your community has grown along with the online luxury business.
  15. Well thank you Melissa for posting this, I'm sure it has made alot of members feel more at ease with this whole ordeal!