Beware. Fake bags business is back

  1. They have yet another web page under a different name. I heard about them a few months ago when it was a different name. We should all send them emails letting them know that we know that their bags are fake.

    no need to help people find them
  2. I just phoned them and asked how are they an authorized online reseller for LV. I politely(more like rudely) told them about eluxury being LVs authorized online site and they stated that they buy directly form the distributor. I told them that LV doesnt have a distributor and how is that possible. It was totally funny. They are sick!
  3. Has anyone ever stopped to think that even posting these links HELP people find fakes ?? You NEED to think about it because when I read the article I thought "hmmmmm.....I'm curious.." and I was able to find more than 10 online "stores" selling fakes !!! Just be careful what we post, ladies !!!
  4. Is it that hard to catch them? I feel like they have been scamming forever. How are they still around? I just don't get it. My cousin is looking for a Lv Josephine bag which is discontinued, so she asked me to help. I try to find consignment online stores or reputable eBay sellers for her. But in the meantime, she would search online as well, and she found a site that sold Lv and they'reURL is almost like the real LV site without the letter "u". If she mentioned it to me, she would've bought something! I had to tell her NO other site is authorized to sell brand new Lv's except for eluxury. Scary, my cousin almost got scammed. I just told her not to buy anything w/o checking w/ me first.
  5. I posted about the return of the Bergacci scammer a week ago, I believe. Bergacci and La Perle got shut down, now they have Shop La Perle and Fetucci. These awful people just won't go away. GRRRRR!
  6. What tip would you all give me when I want to return a fake one (I just returned it)? Is there a way to get my money back? I already bought an original one at the store!
  7. Just learned my lesson about this company today. So I come across this site ( a few weeks ago. Looks just like the eLuxury site, has all of these BBB awards and accolades listed, claims to have all authentic merchandise (LV, Chanel, etc) and their prices are phenomenal. Of course I should have known it was too good to be true, and I foolishly did not contact LV or the BBB to verify, I just went ahead and purchased an LV stamped GM at the fabulous price of $800. Initially I chickened out and canceled the order (by phone, which was listed on the site). A week later, I replaced the order. They sent repeated e-mails notifying me of credit card processing, prep, shipping, and such.
    I was mildly suspicious when I saw that the bag was being shipped from Hong Kong, since their site claims they have a large boutique in Milan. I picked up the bag today, and as soon as I opened the box was pretty much convinced I had been scammed.

    The purse came in a gift box, which is your typical white square gift box, very cheap looking, with the "fetucci emblem" - a gold stamp of a Phoenix. "Fetucci" is written in capital black letters to the right of the stamp, but get this - there is a strip of white paper with "Fetucci" on it taped over similar letters underneath that spell out "Bergacci".

    I open the box, and there is a fake looking brown Louis Vuitton bag, and the bag itself is underneath, wrapped in its dustbag with plastic shrinkwrap over that. There is a very strong cheap PVC odor. I open the shrink wrap and the dustbag. The letters on the dustbag appear to have bled a bit. I get to the bag, and the smell of cheap plastic is overwhelming. It is an obvious fake - you can see glue around the seams of the handles, the hardware is cheap brass, and the brass feet on the bottom are embossed with "Louis Vuitton" - but the letters are the incorrect font. Authentic LV bags always have a very round "o" in the "Louis Vuitton".

    Anyway, I'm livid and call my credit card company right away, but am very surprised to find out I have a zero balance. I explain my situation to the rep, and she says the charge was pending because it reduced my overall credit line, but that was 6 days ago and now the credit line has gone back up to normal. The rep said the charges appear to have dropped off. I put a hold on the account just in case. I'll probably just have them issue me a new credit card in a few days. Lesson learned.

    Caveat emptor - especially when it comes to handbags.
  8. Oh wow, your story is quiet scary. Well I will keep my finger cross then.
  9. I just clicked onto their website. This is an outrage:yes:
    How can they get away with selling fake handbags?? If people want to buy fakes that there choice but to buy the without them knowing is terrible:tdown:
  10. She should try Neiman Marcus. Sometimes they still have LV stock on discontinued pieces. At least in the past they did. I haven't purchased anything in LV for several years, but was able to find a discontinued piece at a Neiman's in Houston one time.
  11. I've just bought a lv wallet from fetucci. When i read this is too late to void the transaction.And everything happaened yesterday.I should have known is a scam ! And now they've stated that my order has been shipped.i doubt so. I called my credit card center but there's nothing they could do to stop the transaction. And there's no way to contact fetucci either. I don't know what else to do but to pay. I should have known when there's no contact numbers, the sale rep did not reply to my mails and etc. Good things are too good to be true afterall.
  12. There are many new members telling us they bought from these fakers. If you are for real please make use of out forum for advice on where to buy authentic. If not, fake website advertisements are deleted by our moderator. Have a nice day