BEWARE!! Fake AMores have arrived!

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  1. Check out the "Place for Fakes" thread.

    Yikes that was fast!
  2. oh gosh, seriously? It took them quite a while this time eh? GOOD.
  3. great!

  4. Yup saw that too. Louis Vuitton imitator tried so hard to make the same replica and fooled a lot of people into believing it that its authentic. But those people who tried to imitate tokidoki bags dont even try. Those styles dont even exist!! If there are people foolish enough to buy from them, that just means they are not really tokidoki fans, because they fail to take time and research. lol!!
  5. I noticed those this afternoon. Interesting...they don't even resemble any of the real Tokidoki bag styles.:blink:
  6. Ugh that's annoying. A whole stream of fake bags seems to have made it onto eBay today - all by the same seller, too, I think.
  7. Ugh. The fakes are so fugly.
  8. Wow, I was just taking a look at The Place for Fakes forum and was going to make my own post about my astonishment, until I saw this.

    I can't believe that these people/companies can get away with this. I mean geez, I know and have seen plenty of knock-offs in stores of Coach bags and Dooney bags, but our precious Tokidoki now too?!

    How can they seriously get away with this. It's not just that they look similar in style, but a couple of those pictures posted showed that they were stealing Simone's artwork and using it! Can they really legally do that?? Not only is that super confusing to potential Tokidoki buyers, but is incredibly disrespectful to the artist. Being an artist myself, if I saw my super cute characters all over some crappy knock-off, I think I would want to knock their block off! lol