Beware everybody... SUPER FAKES HIT EBAY.

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  1. #1 Jul 3, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 3, 2009
    The news is very bad...

    There is a mafia/yakuza racket going on with a new line of "SUPER FAKE"

    These are so good I was ALMOST (almost - but not 100%) fooled.

    The items are presently being sold out of Japan! I suspect the yakuza is involved in this fraud.


    I fear the average user will not be aware of this until much later.

    The seller is from Japan and is a Poupette member! Poupette refused to answer any of my emails. I suspect this fraud is just the tip of the iceberg.

    What am I talking about.... well... these new fakes have the following traits:-

    1) almost perfect condition - with no marks, scratches, lines
    2) the stamping is the give away. The Font is wrong and the imprinting is not 100% consistant - (1 side is more heavily impressed than the other side).
    3) the leather has been aged with chemicals to look like vintage patina - however this is just low quality leather that has been aged.
    4) the brassware is not 100% right.
    5) the fraudsters are putting real parts with the fakes! ie. real LV locks are being used. Often they will state the keys are lost. But this is just to give it some vintage feel.
    6) the "look" of the item is 95% right..... however the feel is wrong.
    7) the brassware is beign treated with acid/chemicals to tarnish - in an effort to give patina.
    8) the leather parts are being artifically aged with dyes/chemicals. A chemical test will reveal this.
    9) they are faking monogram.... but how long till damier?

    The item I have discovered is a keepall. The seller has absolutely destroyed the resale value of keepalls! Unfortunately they are fakes!

    I have extensive photos of these replica junk..... happy to post if wanted.
  2. u should definitely post pics! thankx so much for the heads up.....i have yet to purchase my first lv but i plan on doing so real soon....i already said that i'll be buying from the is the most replicated designer in the world so why would i trust flea-bay with such a special
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I think we have to be more careful, don't be fooled by what the seller says.
  4. i have noticed that some of the speedies on e-bay said they were missing the that was a little strange....
  5. It's kind of easy to lose the keys though.. they are so small and unless you hang them from the lock, they are a pain to store. I have mine hanging from the lock because I KNOW I would lose them within a week! LOL
  6. yeah they seem easy to lose but like ten listings of the same bag had missing was odd but i guess that doesn't mean they're fake lol
  7. yeah post photos please...
  8. Why are you targeting items leaving japan? I have seen many items leaving japan as authentic. Please show us pictures and if anything they are without a doubt coming from China..
  9. Pictures please. I always get my bags authenticated here, these are things the LV Authenticators would pick up on, right? But, making bags that look "too real" is not good. I hate this. I read an article in Vogue talking about how these black market bags affect the economy. It's unreal!!! Lots of money!!! I hope LV goes after them, and quick!
  10. So, you think nothing fake could come from Japan?????:rolleyes:
  11. All i am saying is that it much more probable and likely that its coming from china or south east asia. I just wanted to know how he derived the yakusa accusations and some pictures?
  12. I've looked at their auctions, too. The patina is an odd color and very very consistent between bags. The brass is also uniformly tarnished on all of the bags. What look like new bags have older heat stamps on them, and different stamps are used. Always an old lock of what appears to be the same age.
  13. OP, please post pictures of this so called "super fake".
  14. Hello,
    I have just returned this fake junk to the seller for a full refund....

    The pictures do not reveal the SMELL and FEEL of the object....

    Stamping is wrong - wrong font, should be capital F for France (small f is early 80s - not possible in this condition).

    Chemicals used to tarnish brassware....

    Real Lock.... but see the chemicals to age it! this lock number is only a newish number also!
  15. I agree - these are probably made in China (low labour cost).....
    HOWEVER they are being sold on ebay from Japan! I firmly believe the Yakuza is involved.....

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