BEWARE: Ebayer sold several fake Antigonas

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  1. One small comfort is that the more SNAD cases this seller has open against them, the more eBay will have to take notice. But yeah... ebay is not terribly cool when it comes to taking decisive action against counterfeits.
  2. Thanks for the info. I am opening a case & hopefully things turn out well. I cant believe I was so naïve & just took the sellers word for it that it was authentic. The reviews from other buyers lead me to believe everything was good. When I received the bag & it came with a dust bag, box, shopping bag, tag, sample swatch of the leather, I didn't think fakes were meant to look this real (presentation wise). I've seen people sell fakes before in downtown shops & they don't look so well packaged. Upon closer inspection, I started noticing little details that were off.

    I will contact the websites you mentioned for help. Thanks again!
  3. Don't beat yourself up. She is the one who committed the real wrong. Just move forward and get your money back. We are here with our fingers crossed for you.
  4. Those Antigona indeed are fake. She offers 14 days back, I'd suggest you go ahead to return it as soon as possible to avoid passing the 14-day window. Nevertheless, she deserves negative feedback of selling fakes and causing this much trouble.
  5. Just read this whole thread...felt like I was in some sort of TV drama :smile: So glad this seller was exposed! I hope everything works out for you, Sambajuice!!