BEWARE: Ebayer sold several fake Antigonas

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  1. BEWARE!!

    Bad enough if someone sells a single fake but this seller is selling fake after fake.

    An ebayer knows as "cash11221" located in Brooklyn NY has already sold several fake Antigonas and has another currently listed.

    I have reviewed the photos in some of the listings and can tell the bags are fakes.

  2. Shame..thanks for the heads up!
  3. Awful fake:censor::censor:
  4. Thanks for the warning and for looking out for us!
  5. Thanks Sun!
  6. You're welcome!
    Just trying to keep my Gbaggers safe :biggrin:
  7. Muacks!
  8. hrhsunshine- I think its very shameful and unfair for you to authenticate an item based on pictures. Now if you were really trying to do your due diligence why not purchase a bag , have it authenticated and then make your determination based on those outcomes. Just because a person is getting scalability doesnt mean that their doing something illegal. It just means they have a way of leveraging their core competencies to get something at a cheaper price than their competition. Once again dont assume because of the price and scale that something is fake. Buy an item .. have it authenticated and then make that final decision based on those measures. Trust me you will be shocked at what you find.

  9. I understand what are you saying but try to put yourself in the buyers point of view. You are suggesting to buy an item first then have it authenticated, don't you think that is too troublesome? I mean I will be thankful to a people like @hrhsunshine who take her own time and knowledge just to help a Gbag Fanatic to look into an " ebay listing" or a website to authenticate. Personally I would not handing out my USD900 blindly for an item I don't have any knowledge and confidence that what I am buying is the real deal.
  10. I'm curious, are you the ebay seller cash11221?

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    Are you suggesting to buy the bag first then have it authenticated??? That is just wrong.
  12. I would not buy a bag that I was not 100% sure was authentic and then figure out what to do if it turned out to be a fake. The authenticators here on TPF like hrhsunshine are doing me a service in their own time/effort so I don't think what she is doing is shameful at all. I totally stand by her efforts and by what she is doing here. And yes, you can actually tell a fake bag from pictures....
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    Based on your reaction, I am guessing you are this seller.

    FYI, you have NO idea how many bags I have purchased and seen IRL, especially THIS particular style.
    After purchasing MANY authentic bags by certain designers, my eyes are trained to notice the slightest details.

    There is NO reason for anyone to purchase an item before knowing it is the real thing.
    If you have the time and patience to buy then deal with a potential fake, that is your choice.

    If you want to sell something on the cheap, that is your choice but don't try to pass it off as the real deal.

    I don't have to ASSUME something is fake based on the price, the pictures tell me.
  14. But you are giving your peers wrong advice because none of my items are fake or fraudulent. Although your are doing a good deed you were actually wrong in this case. Please provide a method of communication and I will send you any picture of any angle of this bag you would like. But I refuse to have my name slandered over a handbag that I know is real. Alot of my customers receive their verification from a Givenchy store reseller. So how you can see something different has me mind boggled and over a few pictures none the less. That is very hurtful and alarming of how we can believe a stranger on a social media outlet over a person who is actually telling his customers to have the bag verified.
  15. I cannot tell you exactly what I saw in your photos to tell me this was a fake bag.
    This is to keep such knowledge away from fakers.
    However, I will say I saw something that I don't see in authentic bags.

    I will certainly take a look at better photos. These are what I need.
    1. Strap connector from both sides of the hw
    2. Inside leather tab (front and back)
    3. Zipper pulls (those leather ones)
    4. Underside of the top zipper (part that zips)
    5. Interior of the bag (showing fabric and all pockets)
    6. Triangle on front of bag with logo

    All photos should be well lit (natural daylight is ideal), close up, straight, and clear.
    Here is an example of how the quality of the photos should be:

    I will be happy to review the photos and give my feedback.
    If I am mistaken in my initial judgement, I will certainly acknowledge that.
    I would not want anyone to be wrongfully slandered. I would certainly rectify the situation if need be.

    Pls submit photos via this thread.