Beware!!! Ebay Flooded Right Now With Fake Spys!!!

  1. What a monumental scare. I did a routine search on Ebay for Fendi Spy and had 622 hits!!!! Maybe 5-7 of the ones for auction were authentic. All the rest are abominations!! The horror, the horror!! Stay away!!!
  2. didn't like the Spy initially, then it started growing on me and I was thinking of getting one.... till I see the fakes and the copy cats (details down to the 'horns' on the handle)..... this is the reason why I'm still holding back in owning one tho' I'm falling deeper and deeper in love day by day :sad:
  3. i got big huge X on ebay
  4. how do they get away with selling these fakes? does ebay know they are actually fake?
  5. Yeah..there are tons of fake spies. Better do some research before considering making a purchase.
  6. A week ago actually the worse, I did a routine search as well every single day and last week was the WORSE!!! I found NO authentic spies at that time and I was like :wtf:. I tried to report some of them but ebay really sucks of doing this so :shrugs:
  7. ^ I know! Somebody is obviously asleep at the wheel at ebay. There were a bazillion s***ty spy bags selling at BIN price of $58 each. Makes my blood boil. :cursing:
  8. Oh my gosh! This really get me upset. Why won't Ebay do something about it! Damn, can they protect the consumer! Ebay is really starting to go downhill!
  9. Oh goodness. :shocked: That's disgusting. :yucky: Ebay needs to do something serious about this.