*BEWARE: DO NOT BID* 04 turquoise twiggy

  1. OMG, i can't believe i fell for this-this (0) feedback seller stole someone else's auction and i was so desperate that i didn't question the pics or my judgment *i'm so ashamed* luckily, a fellow ebayer was smart enough to know what was going on and kindly warned me immediately BEFORE i paid. (if you're on this forum, thank you so much for saving my @$$ and money from this criminal-thank you, i really appreciate it!!!!)
    please be careful of this seller, ladies!!!!!! (i told him he's a scammer and stole those photos from another auction)

    here's the bad auction:
    eBay: AUTH BALENCIAGA THE BOX BAG IN TURQUOISE !!! 950 $$ (item 270033233372 end time Sep-25-06 14:30:17 PDT)

    here's the good auction that transpired:
    eBay: BALENCIAGA TWIGGY BAG IN LIGHT TURQUOISE-100% AUTHENTIC (item 120028017086 end time Sep-11-06 17:14:12 PDT)
  2. OMG Thank goodness for the PF! I'm glad you didn't get scammed.
  3. OMG, i can't believe this happened to sweetie, i'm so happy you didn't pay yet :hysteric:...these scammers are really overrunning e-bay now!!!
  4. I am so glad you didn't pay yet. Something's really wrong because the seller is selling a vertu phone for $1k. That's too good to be true.
  5. Good that you were warned on-time. Ebay gets more and more scarry.
  6. i HATE ebay-the seller is continually harrassing me now
  7. ^^ me too, e-bay & paypal are an evil empire :mad:
  8. Great that you found out before you paid but BOO to the scammers!
  9. Have you notified eBay about this scammer?
  10. that seller is selling Chanels and YSL's! this seller is only out to scam!
  11. thanks for all your support, ladies!:love:

    ecmd, yes, i reported the criminal already! can't believe this! just please be wary, girls!
  12. Shame on that SELLER!!! THIEF!!!

    Thank goodness someone got to you in time!
  13. I saw that auction yesterday and got suspicious b/c the seller couldn't give more pictures!!! I'm sooo glad you didn't pay BOO babe!
  14. I saw that too and was so :censor: !! Thank goodness for your saviour!

    So... is it easy to contact/warn buyers as long as we go round-about instead of clicking their name from the auction??
  15. ^^^Hi JIM! I missed the show last week!!!!!:crybaby: