Beware - Crimson Stripe Agendas on Ebay

  1. I didn't know where to post this....just wanted to say to anyone who may be bidding on a "Crimson" stripe agenda on eBay to pay careful attention. A lot of the so-called Crimson agendas that have been going on there lately are actually Vermillion, more orangey than cranberry, and the item number on the tag ends in VR, not CM. I just got an agenda from my DH for my birthday that he thought was Crimson stripe. Ordered it on eBay, got it and left positive feedback a couple weeks ago. I opened it today and ta-da, it was vermillion. DH is crushed because he didn't know there was a difference before he left the feedback.

    Just wanted to give a warning to anyone who may be looking at these. There's one on eBay right now that is listed incorrectly as crimson. :tdown:
  2. Wow! That's very good to know. Thank you!
  3. Thanks for the warning. :smile:

    I think you can leave follow-up feedback. Has your hubby checked into that?
  4. Thats so sneaky.
    I emailed a seller today and asked her if a bag had been used (the pic had tags but it didn't say nwt) She replied that it doesn't look as if it had been used. Well, I didn't asked if it LOOKED like it had been used, I asked if it had been used. Geesh!
  5. Yep, we're checking. I've emailed the seller to see if she'll handle it first but haven't heard back yet.