Beware chargesend

  1. Ladies, just wanted to give you a heads up - did a chargesend at the Soho Bloomingdales on Thursday and my credit card number was used the same day to pay someones $450 sprint bill. Coincidence?? The fraud people told me no, especially since i gave them the three digit security code on the back of my card. (which most people ask for nowadays anyway!) Could the nice lady i spoke to at Bloomingdales be a thief? Im feeling very bummed right now..hope no one else has this happen to them.
  2. That sucks and Bloomies is a high end store. How terrible! Did you call them and let them know?
  3. If they used it to pay a phone bill then you can get the persons name and see if they work at bloomies or are somehow connected to that person.
  4. See, you wouldnt think it would happen at Bloomies, right? I remember the SA name, but sprint wont give me any information and bloomingdales customer service had me sitting on hold for 20 minutes and i couldnt wait any longer. I have to call back when i have more time.
  5. Wow, that sucks major buttcrack. I hope everything works out OK. Gosh, you never think that kinda stuff really happens, but I guess it does? :shrugs:
  6. wow that is a scary situation!! I always worry about stuff like that happening. I hope that everything works out and that they realize that fraud was committed!
  7. Sprint sucks! When I was about 18yrs old someone stole my info and opened up an account under my name. I didnt find out about till way later when I was trying to refinance my car and they told me someone was trying to collect money from me and it was on my credit report. I was shocked and mad. Its such a hassle to try and clear you name. I'm sorry! I feel your pain.
  8. Just talked to CS at Bloomies, and they are investigating. The guy i talked to was very apologetic. They suggested i file a police report so i guess thats what im off to do. i will keep you all updated
  9. wow that really does suck :sad: I'm sorry and I hope they catch whoever did this. You filed a police report right or something? I should really check my credit history but I havent yet :sweatdrop: the only places I chargesend with was pulse and shampton outlet luckily
  10. Did you notice right away or when you got your cc bill? I don't know what the purpose of that code is for anyway, it doesn't secure anything.
  11. That sucks so bad, doesn't the credit card have insurance though? I know with Mastercard- if you let them know withing 3 days, you have their insurance cover the costs.

    ( bagsforme- Is that your chinchilla?! It's so cute! ).
  12. Wow, I'm really sorry to hear that. I hope the SA or whoever stole your numbers gets busted and punished.
  13. That sucks. Just file the police report and contact your credit card company to dispute it. I was at a restaurant once and paid with my credit card. Unfortunately, some how my credit card got stolen en route.
  14. I learned the hard way that you should never ever ever use a debit of check card to pay for anything. (Especially not restaurants where they ususally take the card out of your sight!) Unlike a credit card where you can dispute a charge and get the money back right away, if it's taken right out of your account it take quite a while for them to investigate and reimburse.

    Someone charged over thousand dollars worth of stuff on my check card last year.. all in one day...almost ended up bouncing my mortgage payment but I notieced in time and put money in my account. Took several weeks to get the money back. Before that I didn't have any Credit cards, I paid for everything with my debit card. Now I have two Visas and I use them for everything and just pay them off in full every month.
  15. I was going to say that you should contact Bloomingdales' corporate offices via e-mail. They respond in a professional and timely manner.
    I hope things work out w/ your card asap!