Beware asking for more B-bag photos on Ebay!

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  1. I asked for more photos on a B-bag and had it sent to my email and it was a virus!

    I feel like an amature for opening a .dll file. So DO NOT OPEN .dll or .exe files! Only open it if you know it's an image such as JPeg, IMG, etc...

    Blah....What a pain! :cursing:
  2. Thanks for the warning and sorry that happened to you. Some people ....
  3. Oh my gosh! Thanks for the heads up! That's awful!
  4. i was worried that might happen...
    sorry :sad:
  5. Thanks for the warning and sorry to hear that :sad:
  6. Thanks for the warning. Did you report the troll to ebay?

    Virus is one thing. You could also unknowning download keystroke loggers that logs everything you type (including passwords, bank accounts, cc numbers, etc) and sends them to hackers. So be careful of exe files!
  7. Liz - :sad: a dll file - geesh. the person sending it to you didn't know - Their computer is infected and they are infecting everybody they send things to as attachments. Did you tell them? I really never thought about getting a virus this way. Sorry you have to go through this - but thanks for the warning!!
  8. I actually suspect it's a worm. My BF's compuer got hacked and we were using the same network at the time.
  9. not just dll file. Do not open any exe file also.
  10. Oh that's just GREAT! Luckily I'm not in the market for buying anything right now! Just selling...that sucks a big one!!! K~:nuts: