1. Anyone with Beverly GM or XXL yet? I'd love to see modeling pics. Checked viz aids and other threads and have yet to see anyone sporting it. I'm trying to decide between the two sizes. Would love to see them on someone. I normally go for bigger bags and the XXL measurements sound fab. Model your Beverly bags ladies!
  2. Great thanks! And yay it's smoothoprter from our forums. She does great pics. I'm watching some of her LV shoe auctions.
  3. I don't really know about these thing, and it looks real to me, but surely the date code says it was made 06/07?? how can that be?
  4. the 6th week of this date code format by LV this year
  5. What a gorgeous bag, stop showing me these things!

  6. LOL I agree! :yes:
  7. I just saw this bag on the weekend & I am in :heart: . I was going to buy a Damier Speedy but have changed my mind & want to get this bag. It is absolutely gorgeous.
  8. I have this bag and I use it everyday. It's great and very roomy. I'm about 5'4 and the bag is a bit big on me but I like big bags, Wish I had Pictures but I don't have a Digi Cam.
  9. I know someone already answered this- but if you look at her questions and answers on the auction, she also explains that to someone who asked.
  10. You SO need a cam, lady! How can we shallow-ly obsess and be green with envy over your purchases if we can't see them?? hehe :yahoo:
  11. I knew sooner or later I would get a question about the new date code format on newer bags. Thank goodness I can direct ebayers to the date code section here on tPF for details.
  12. hey Smooth! I don't know you personally but I have sooo many of your auctions on my watch list and adore your shoe pics from the shoe side of tPF!! You have fab taste! Nice to see you chime in on this one. I love how you put your Q/A as public on that auction. Very professional! We love your beverly! The modeling pics really come in handy. Do you have a XXL by chance? I'd love to see it on someone.
    Let me know if you have any Ritas come thru! lol
  13. ^^thank you for all of the wonderful compliments...I'm blushing:blush:.