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  1. Hi everyone! Happy Spring Ahead :smile:

    ok so i just learned that there are the new beverly bags? have they been released already? need infoooo :yes:
  2. Happy Spring to u too! ^^ Beverly has been released already, it used to be know as the pleaty. search this forum for beverly, and you should see some threads w/pix/ :yes:
  3. thanx!
  4. my mom has is really cute IRL.......!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: :love:
  5. ^hello Couture_Gril, may I ask the price of the bag^?

  6. ^^ of course!! I think the price is 620-680 USD
  7. They have been released worldwide as it is now on the uk/france website. Also in Oz. I bought the beverly mm for aud1560. the gm is around aud 1900+ and clutch aud aud1000+.
  8. Yep- they've been released! They're even popping up on eluxury.
  9. thats not to bad... i like it!
  10. So cute :smile:
  11. They are just beautiful in real life.
  12. can u post pics of the Beverly MM? love it!!
  13. i wasn't that impressed with the pictures but the larger pleaty bags are very pretty in real life :smile:
  14. The search feature above is really helpful. You should do a search to see pics that fellow PF'ers posted in previous threads. ;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.