Beverly vs. Manhattan

  1. Hello fellow TPFers! Just curious, which do you prefer, Beverly of Manhattan? I have the Beverly GM, but always had my eye on the Manhattan (PM and GM).
    I'll be heading out to LA on Wednesday to check out the LV boutiques (oh and Universal Studios w/the family) and I just wanted some feedback before I make another hasty decision. Thanks!
  2. I prefer the Manhattan GM myself. I've had my eye on this gorgeous bag for quite some time!! Good luck with your decision and have fun at the LV boutiques and Universal Studios!
  3. I love my Mahanttan PM.. I think the GM is rather heavy n might be a little hard to take things in and out
  4. i love my Manhattan PM as well, its so practical! I can wear it as a tote or on my shoulder if needed.
  5. I've had both bags. I prefer my Beverly gm personally. It is a better shoulder bag and more comfortable for me to carry.
  6. personally i prefer manhattan pm :smile:
  7. Manhattan for sure
  8. Manhattan hands down!
  9. Definitely Manhattan!!
  10. I don't have either bag, but the manhattan is next on my list.
  11. Manhattan PM
  12. I have to say one that is not on your list...the hudson...has the classy look of manhattan but with a strap!:yes:
  13. I'm wearing my Manhattan PM that I bought last month for the first time today. Love the look of the purse, but it's very heavy when full. It left indent marks on my arm after carrying it for about 20 minutes.
  14. You're right, the Hudson is fab. My only issue with it is you have to buckle it ever time you want to close it securely. If it had a zipper, then the flap closure for aesthetics, then that bag would be tough to beat.
  15. If I'm spending that kind of money I am goign all out. Manhattan GM please!:wlae: