Beverly only available for a couple more months?

  1. I just read in another thread that someone's SA mentioned the Beverly will only be available for a couple more months. Is this true? Are they getting rid of all of the sizes? TIA!
  2. I sure hope not :sad: I just started falling in love with the bag.
  3. I hope not, I got the Beverly MM and really want the Beverly GM too, better go & get it then if it is true.
  4. WHAT? That's one of my top want bags, I hope not!
  5. It's just the XL one that is temporary all the rest are here to stay.
  6. Which thread was this?

    Like spangle said, as far as I know, the Beverly clutch, Beverly MM and Beverly GM are all part of the permanent collection. Only the Beverly XXL is one-shot. The GM is already huge, the XXL must be ridiculously huge :wtf: