Beverly MM ......

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    Any one own this bag ?

    I have wondered what it would look like on and how much it holds?
  2. i don't have it, but i do like it-alot. i think it's quite pretty. my reservation w/any of the bags with those clasps is the scratching- i'm curious as to how well the brass stands up to the wear & tear- i'd hate to spend that much on a bag only to hate the tarnished buckle in a year.
  3. I have this bag and love it! I will post pics of it tonight when I get home from work.
  4. I don't have it but I want it!!! :yes:
  5. Awesome, cant wait to see them..
  6. My SA said that this bag is the perfect size for her (and me). We were talking about the GM and how HUMONGOUS it is and she said the MM is great for a lot of people. There wasn't one in stock so I couldn't tell, but I would estimate its capacity to be around a Speedy 25, although I could be wrong!
  7. i think the capacity is smaller than a speedy 25??? :shrugs:
  8. the ad of the this bag on LV website that really made me want this bag...
  9. This is the bag that I am curently saving for!!! Love it so much. I'd love to see pic's too!
  10. they are the same ... very close in size.
    sp 25 and bev mm compare.jpg
  11. Getting mathematical here, the Speedy has a capacity of approximately 420 cubic inches and the Beverly MM has a capacity of approximately 534 cubic inches.

    Technically, the Beverly should hold more, but not by a lot. I would imagine that the Beverly MM can hold the same things a Speedy 25 can hold, plus a couple things more.'

    For me, these volumetric capacity estimations work very well. It certainly reflects how much the bags I own can hold and the amount of stuff they can hold relative to each other.
  12. wow! i couldn't tell! the beverly mm looks so much smaller!

    thanks for the info! :smile:

  13. I don't have it, but I REALLY REALLY want it!!!
  14. It's a gorgeous bag that would compliment almost anyone!
  15. I played with it in the store and had an awful time with that buckle. However I love the smaller clutch one. The buckle wasn't as heavy!