Beverly MM or Popincourt Haut for my first LV...

  1. I like the Beverly MM but I'm afraid it kinda looks big on me (I'm petite 5'2") so I was thinking about the Popincourt Haut, but it looks kinda plain to me. I want a shoulder bag and those are the only two I like so far.
  2. i have both, and i think it really depends on what you want it for. as an everyday bag, the Popincourt Haut would be better, because it's easier to get into. the Beverly is a good day-to-evening bag, and can be dressed up or down, but it can't hold as much as the Popincourt Haut
  3. I'm petite too! I prefer Popincourt Haut - looks great for both work and jeans/ casual :smile:.
  4. I think the Popincourt would be cute. I think it will work with everything!! Just my 2 cents!:graucho:
  5. popincourt haut gets my vote
  6. i'd go for the popincourt haut :smile:
  7. i prefer the beverly mm!
  8. I :heart: the Beverly (don't own it but want it)! :yes:
  9. Beverly MM!
  10. I love it's a hard decision.
    If you're looking for a good everyday shoulder bag, I'd say go for the PH because it's simpler and easier to maintain.
    The Beverly MM has LOTS of vachetta and for a first LV it may be overwhelming to maintain the vachetta (if you should choose to). The closure is really cute though!
  11. Popincourt!
  12. I'm 5'3" and I own a PH so my vote is for PH. It can be a shoulder bag and when you shortened the straps, you can use it as a hand held. So versitile. Love it.
  13. Popincourt Haut! I have one and I love it! The adjustable straps are nice, so you can carry it by hand or over the shoulder; I usually carry it over the shoulder though. It's also a bunch cheaper than the Beverly MM, so yay for that!
  14. I like the PH
  15. The Beverly looks classier and the Popincourt looks more conservative to me. My sister has the Beverly MM too I think she wears it with turtlenecks and rather streamlined.