Beverly MM or Azur Speedy 30???

  1. Which one should I get? I have many mono pieces so I was thinking that the Azur would be a good change. Also, does this line wear as well as the mono line? ;)

  2. i say the azur speedy 30! it is much cheaper than the beverly MM anyways so you can get an accessory :smile:. since you have a lot of mono, the azur will be a nice different addition.
  3. I think you should get the Beverly MM.
  4. I LOVE the Beverly MM, but if you have a lot of mono, I'd go w/ the Azur
  5. I LOVE :heart: the Beverly MM too.
  6. If you want a change get the Azur. I'm really fond of the mono myself & am not ready to branch out yet.
  7. Beverly MM..I'm itching for that bag!!!!! Go for it!
  8. Beverly MM is gorgeous!
  9. I would go with the Azur since you have many mono pieces. :yes: Also it would be great for summer.
  10. Speedy Azur
  11. I vote for the Beverly MM!:heart:
  12. Another vote for Beverly MM! :smile:
  13. Damier Azur Speedy! It's a perfect summer bag.
  14. I like the Azur Speedy!
  15. Good luck, that is a hard decision...either one you make is the right one! Both are excellent choices.