Beverly MM, GM or Hudson PM?

  1. which one and why? your thoughts on these will be greatly appreciated. TIA
  2. I like the Hudson PM the best, I just like the look better than the beverly.
  3. Beverly MM for sure. The GM just seems too bulky and the Hudson PM seems kind of annoying to have to get in and out of...
  4. thx guys, I am thinking of exchanging my new Beverly MM to GM and am having a second thought about the single over the shoulder strap, I should have tried on the GM before making a decision last Saturday, but then again, hmm..still dunno if I am REALLY going to go back and exchange it..*still thinking* LOL
  5. I agree! :yes:
  6. Double straps are usually a lot more irritating to keep on the shoulder, just something to think about. One is always falling off.
  7. i like the hudson pm a lot- it looks pretty. i don't prefer the way the beverly bags are pleated- it seems sort of puffy- and i don't prefer the beverly shape.
  8. MM, not to big not too small and you can carry on your shoulder :smile:
  9. I was looking at the Beverly MM in the store last week it is a goregous bag. I would prefer it over the Hudson only because I would never use the front small pockets and I like that the Beverly is a shoulder bag.
  10. yep. :yes:
  11. Beverly MM -since I want one too! :graucho: But seriously, the single strap is much better personally since there isn't shoulder slippage, which is just the most irritating ever!
  12. Eeek, I tried on the Beverly MM, and the Hudson PM. The Beverly is way more comfortable. I think its due to the semi rolled handle. The Hudson is more money as well, so if you exchange your bag change it to the Beverly GM.
  13. I'd get the Beverly GM! It's so pretty!
  14. you guys...thanks a lot! now I'm much more torn between three choices:roflmfao:, this is just CRAZY! maybe I should just take my Beverly MM and go back and see if I'll make up my mind once I'm at the boutique and will definitely keep you posted:yes: