Beverly MM and Manhattan GM in CAD$

  1. Hello, my dad from Montreal is visiting us soon here in CA. Since 1$CAD=1$US I was thinking about asking him to bring me some LV's. Do any of you know how much is the Beverly MM or Manhattan GM? And where to buy LV in Montreal? TIA!
  2. There's only one LV store in Montreal which is inside this department store called Ogilvie. It's on Ste-Catherine Street.
  3. Thanks, mcbg1!

    I just checked the canadian pricing thread. They are price higher and consider the insane sales tax and the CAD$ against the US$ it is not worth it.
  4. yeah hopefully LV adjusts their Canadian prices given the current exchange rate.
  5. It is super annoying right now because yes, the dollars are at par but LV still has higher prices in Canada! I am also hoping for a price adjustment - in BC, I have to pay 13% sales tax on top of the price!
  6. 13% is high! We pay 8.1% in Colorado!
  7. It's Ogilvy;)

    And ya, the sales tax is quite high (about 14%) in Montreal... but it's still a beautiful city :biggrin: