Beverly Hills summer sale

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  1. Greetings Ladies, anybody knows when the summer sale in the Beverly Hills store will take place? Many thanks :smile:
  2. August 17th to 20th. My SA told me that no leather goods or silks will be on sale due to limited space. Mostly ready-to-wear and hats.
  3. I've never been to a Hermes sale, does the r2r sale include the mens collection?
  4. Yes, it does include the men's collection.
  5. Hmm, i must get back to Cali for a day to check out the sale
  6. Thanks! That's good to know. No scarves, then?
  7. My SA said no scarves, pocket squares, twilly's, shawls, stoles or men's ties will be on sale:sad:
  8. The sale starts this Wed, but i'm told it is very scaled down than the past sales. It is on the 2nd floor and only includes shoes, ready to wear and hats. Nothing else. Not sure if they will do the lines and numbers this time, my sales person said they don't think it will be that crowded to need all that drama.