Beverly Hills Sale Feb 2010

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  1. The Sale will run from Tues 2/23 through Sat 2/27 at the Beverly Hills H store:P
  2. thanks for the info boo1689

  3. boo - keep us update! i wish i can be there
  4. I will be there nice and early....
  5. any sales going on the bal harbour store?
  6. Thanks so much for the info! I needed an excuse to drop off a bag for a spa visit...
  7. You're so very welcome ladies!

    wish you could be here robee~ will sure keep you updated!! how about arranging your next vacation to LA and then we can hit the NY sale too:lol::lol:
  8. any word on SCP, or did I miss that one?
  9. boo - we need NY sale, Paris sale. hit all the sale. Wait, for now i need to nurture monies tree :P
  10. Oh! I'm excited! I've never been to an Hermes sale before so I'll definitely be there. How good are Hermes sales? There shouldn't be a line right?
  11. Same here. I went to SCP one last year. Not many choices. BH one should be much better! I'll be there!!! :yahoo:

    Thanks Boo!
  12. Get ready to line up if you are thinking about hitting the sale the very first day!! My SA tells me the line can get over 100 people line on the first day, (please correct me if I am wrong ladies~~:P)

    I have never been brave enough to go line up at 8AM when the store opens at 10. DH actually offered to go line up with me last time but I chickened out, hahah~

    My experience has been that by the afternoon on the 1st day of the sale, say around 1 or 2ish, the crowd is much much more manageable.

    robee~ let me go ask dad for some super fertilizers he uses on his fruits and veggies, maybe that will make our money tree grow EXTRA fast!!:idea::idea:
  13. apparently we all missed that one.... it was 2 wknds ago:pout: more reason to get ready for the big one at BH;)
  14. For the last sale I got there at about 9am and I was not let into the store until close to 1pm. I can't remember what # I was. I want to say around 40

  15. 1pm?! You weren't let into until 1?! Can there be enough merchandise? Omg.. I hope this sale is worth it.. I'd be so sad if I got there tuesday morning and nothing was left ><;;;