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    Meet the Cast of Beverly Hills Nannies

    Play dates on Rodeo Drive, ironing the baby’s designer clothes, personal chefs and over-the-top parental demands are only just the tip of the iceberg for a group of nannies, who work for high-powered families living in America's most exclusive zip code. ABC Family is proud to announce the cast of Beverly Hills Nannies!

    Watch the SERIES PREMIERE of ABC Family's Beverly Hills Nannies Wednesday, July 11 at 9/8c!
    'Pretty nannies are threatening to mothers in this neighborhood': Beverly Hills babysitters reveal what it's REALLY like inside Hollywood's glitzy homes

  2. I can't wait to see this show! I have a 21 month old daughter and am fortunate to have a wonderful nanny... I work from home so the 3 of us spend most days together... thank goodness I adore her! I'm DVR-ing the show so we can watch it together tomorrow (she told me don't get any ideas though... haha)!
  3. I read that Kyle's (RHOBH) "lady sitter" is also part of this.
  4. Watched it yesterday at first it was interesting seeing the different families but then the episode drifted in the direction of one particular nanny trying to open her own nanny service and it got boring to me it just dragged on...
  5. same here.... yet another Reality Show with hidden agenda... -.-
  6. Yeah it took a very strange twist. I was confused is the agency nanny still going to nanny for Cindy Margolis or is she now running this agency full time?

    There are way too many faces and I can not figure out who is who really, except for the guys.

    I will watch next week and see if it improves but I thought this would be a show I could half watch and be on the laptop but with all the people involved, close attention is needed.
  7. I'm watching the episode now, it hasn't gotten to the part where the girl opens the agency but I remember in promos for the show a few months ago that's how the show was protrayed.
  8. first off that one wife was a B asking the man to do her feet and get her a beer and all she pays is 20 bucks
  9. i would have a hard time working for the vegan family also they seem nice but i need cheese on my pizza i order extra cheese
  10. Just watched a re run of this last night and I'll probably watch again, but if I miss it for some reason it won't be a big deal. I'm not setting it on my DVR. I think Kristin is really going to be annoying so more than likely I won't make this a regular show to watch. Oh and the whiny lady who wanted her feet rubbed?! Puleeze...I wanted to go through the screen and tell her to quit her da*n whining and talk in an adult tone of voice...grrrr!!!
  11. The girl that is going to run an agency has a really nice apartment. Wonder if she comes from a family with money or is really getting paid big time as a nanny.
  12. I watched this show and wasn't impressed with the agency direction of the show. I liked the different clients and types of situations and homes in which they work. But the '*itchy" nastiness is hard to take when it involves those who care for children. The heavy drinking nanny was alarming.
  13. didn't one of the girls say she gets something like $40/hr?? I'd guess the agency girl probably gets at least that. that's some pretty good money although I don't know how many hours nanny's actually work.
  14. lol that lady said 40 an hr was high .
  15. [FONT=&quot]Hey everyone! Glad you all are tuning into the show! I love reading what you think! All of these nannies have some awesome but demanding jobs. Have you seen the latest episode? It definitely focuses more on each individual nanny…and things get a little heated! I don’t want to spoil anything, but you should definitely check it out. I can’t wait to hear what you think![/FONT]