Beverly Hills Center?

  1. This mall exists right?? Haha I tried looking for it all over the net, I know I went to the site for it, but its gone now.. Does anyone know the correct website for it? and does anyone know the address, or number to it? PLEASE HELP! Im supposed to go there today! :cry:

    I need the Beverly Hills Center info, not the Rodao Drive. :graucho:
  2. It's called The Beverly Center.
  3. Yes, the place exists. It is actually called Beverly Center and is located on La Cienega and 3rd. It is a pretty large mall with several eateries surrounding it on the outside on the street level and another food court inside on the top level. There is a Bloomies and a Macys as well as the usual chain stores.
  4. OHHHHH! Its just the Beverly Center? Thanks everyone I knew you guys would know it!!
  5. yep they have my fav bloomies and the best macys around socal imo!
  6. its on the corner of bev. blvd and La Cienega with a hardrock cafe and jerry's deli across the steet. :smile:
  7. yuppity yup yup. only thing i dont like bout bev center is paying for parking. who pays to shop?! gasp.

    one thing i LOVE about the bev center is the super hot "santa claus" that comes every year. :drool:
  8. LOLOLL@super hot santa.

    dang I always get caught inside when the peta fur protestors rally up and block traffic. it seems to happen every time its uber-crowded and I am NEXT in line to exit. blah.
  9. I love the cafe with a kind of "roof top" terrace with a nice view... you pay $8 for a beer at the standard downtown to enjoy that kind of view / location
  10. I loved the mall! I wish I walked out with more than face stuff though! Haha I was drooling over this Guacho Messanger bag! There are only 51 in the whole world. I wanted it badly!!!
  11. Oh, im definately going back there.
  12. I've only been there once and its basically an indoor rodeo has all the same stores.
  13. eh i dont think bev center is any better than any other mall out there. i prefer scp over bc anyday. THAT is an indoor "Rodeo Drive".
  14. yeah but lets be honest are SCP..... : )))
  15. I hate having to pay to park to shop, and haven't been there in ages. But maybe it's time for another look...