Beverly Hills 90210

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  1. I don't know how many of you ladies watched this show when it was on television but I LOVED it!! :love:

    AND they're finally releasing the first season on DVD November 7th!! :yahoo:

    I can't wait!!! :wlae:
  2. I am so excited for it to come out on DVD!!! :yahoo:

    I love 90210 and it will be fun getting to watch the beginning episodes. I was young when it first aired so I am sure I will understand a lot more than I did then.
  3. Sweeeeet!! I used to take so much crap from my ex for watching that show.
  4. Adriane me too lol! I love that show also...
  5. I Love 90210!!! I Have Piles Of Episodes On Tape........^LauraLee ~ The First Couple Seasons Were So Good...You Will Definitely Like Them More Now!
  6. Here Are Some Questions:

    -Who Was Your Favorite Girl?

    -Who Was Your Favorite Guy?

    -Who Was Your Favorite Couple?????
  7. -Who Was Your Favorite Girl? I Liked Them All. Brenda When She Was Younger & Definitely Kelly!

    -Who Was Your Favorite Guy? Brandon!

    -Who Was Your Favorite Couple????? I Liked Brandon & Kelly, Together. I Also Liked Brandon With Nikki (Remember Brandon Was A Senior)....They Were So Cute Together "The Brandon Waltz"

    Definitely Dylan & Brenda........I Hated Kelly With Dylan (Talk About Backstabbing!)
  8. Who Was Your Favorite Girl? Definitely Kelly!!! I always thought she was soooooo beautiful!! For some reason I loved her bangs, they were always so perfect. :lol:

    Who Was Your Favorite Guy? Brandon...he was a little nerdy in the beginning, but you can't help but love him. And Steve!! He was not very cute, but always so funny!

    Who Was Your Favorite Couple????? Dylan and Brenda...I loved when they were together!! Ohhh!!! And Dylan and that one girl (I can't remember her name) but she had the long curly hair and ended up dying the car crash. That episode was soooo sad. :crybaby:

    bagluv...good questions!! :biggrin:
  9. Who Was Your Favorite Girl? I'd have to say Kelly for sure!!

    Who Was Your Favorite Guy? Dylan (because he was such a bad boy!!) or David (because he got smoking hot in the later episodes!!!)

    Who Was Your Favorite Couple? Probably Brenda and Dylan....I still remember the episode in the first season where he broke down and cried in her was sooooo sad!!!
  10. OMG! I loved that show! I used to watch it in college! We used to have 90210 parties!!! LOL
  11. OMG! LOL! That was so long ago! I remember coming back to the dorms and my suitemates had it on!
  12. This is like a dream come true, I've been waiting for this FOREVER! (It's the only reason I got Digital Cable - For SoapNet, so I could watch 90210 reruns!)
  13. -Who Was Your Favorite Girl? Brenda

    -Who Was Your Favorite Guy? Steve

    -Who Was Your Favorite Couple? Donna & David - in their younger years... so geeky looking but cute!!! hehehehe! AND Brandon & Kelly - so perfect!!! :girlsigh:
  14. i loved that show. i use to watch it when i was young.