Beverly Hills 90210 on DVD Today!!

  1. Anyone else rushing out to get the first season of 90210 on dvd today??

    I've been waiting FOREVER for this to come out on dvd!! Looks like I'm gonna be in all night tonight watching!!

  2. My mother WOULD NOT let me watch 90210 when it first came out. I am so getting this DVD.
  3. Yay!! I cannot wait to purchase it!!! I loooooved 90210.
  4. it's on in the background right this second. actually, to be entirely truthful, tpf is kind of in the background for once. gotta love 90210. :yahoo:
  5. how much is it??
  6. it was 34.99 at costco
  7. OMG!!!! I loved that show - tell me it is out in the UK aswell!! :yes:
  8. i love the show too!!! hehee, i was really young when they were showing it here in malaysia..wonder if they sell it here all the way in asia? any tips!? hehee i loveee that series and i bought their soundtrack ages ago..hehe jeremy jordan - right kinda love..their them song at the credits rolling :yahoo:
  9. I bought it on deepdiscountdvd during their coupon time and total was $28. I already finished watching the entire season and it brought back some old memories! :smile:

    Anyone know when season 2 will be released??
  10. I saw the 1st season DVD in a store here and it was 87 euros (about $100) :confused1:
    I'd love to watch it again so I'll probably order it from Amazon :yes: