Beverly GM versus Tivoli GM

  1. I thought I wanted a Gucci bag but when I looked at the line I didn't see a single thing I had to have so I took a look at the LV website and fell in love! The shapes/styles were vast and had mass appeal but exclusive prices! Wow!

    I saw the Tivoli GM and had to have it; went to the stores and of course was told there was a wait list so I checked out some of the other bags and there it was...the Beverly GM. It's BIG but big is in right now isn't it? What I love about it: BIG, microfiber interior, classic shape, sophisticated day bag (I'm a commercial lender) and yet fun dressy casual as well.

    SO, my questions. Did I make the right decision? I figured if I'm spending $1500 on a purse it should have a classic timeless appeal versus fun & flirty? I though that since the Tivoli has a wait list more people will have it versus the Beverly?

    If you have the Beverly or had it or have opinions about it versus the Tivoli GM please share them with me.

    My 'fear' is that the bag is in fact very large and I'm very small...5'1", size 2. When I spoke to the SA at Neiman's he told me thought the Beverly was 'matronly'! and that the Tivoli was more fun but the SA at Saks 'talked' me into the Beverly because of how classic and sophisticaed it was and that the style 'looked' like me. confused! What would you spend your $$ on between the two?

  2. I prefer the Tivoli myself. The GM was too big for me. I actually just shipped it back today. I kept the PM size. If you call customer service, I'm sure they can locate one for you. I had recently waitlisted for both sizes and got calls this past week from all the boutiques. They all had both PM and GM in stock ready to ship.
  3. I prefer much more the Tivoli.
  4. I honestly think the Beverly GM would be too large for you if you are 5' 1". I would definitely try a Tivoli before you make your final decision. The Tivoli is gorgeous. It's just scarce right now because it's new.
  5. I a 5'4 and have the Beverly GM. I just think it is so classy and sophisticated versus the Tivoli. When I first saw the Tivoli IRL for the first time some girl was carrying and I just thought it was nothing eye catching. I get so many compliments with the Beverly. I have to say though the Beverly is a big bag but I love big even though I'm so small. Oh and the vachette at the corners is so high maintenance. Denim transfers alot to mine. But it's okay me and my Beverly can be both high maintenance. It should be what you feel comfortable carrying.
  6. Tivoli!!!
  7. Tivoli she is sooo beautifull
  8. the tivoli is not as beautiful as it looks on the website or in pictures..
    and after a while... its not that appealing.. and looks SIMPLE after all...
    i think the beverly is classier
  9. I think they are both beautiful bags, so if you can wait to try them both on, that would probably be best.
    I think the Beverly does have a nice classic shape while the Tivoli has a more feminine, flirty shape.
  10. I like the Tivoli. Very pretty!
  11. I love both bags, but i would keep the beverly. I have the mm and I think it's more eye catching.
  12. Okay, I kept the Beverly GM and have worn it out a few times and EACH time have gotten, "OMG, your LV is gorgeous!". It is large and I do worry about the maintenance but it feels powerful...if you know what I mean! LOVE that I can get my camera, agenda, wallet, small photo brag book, makeup, etc. in it!

    I would like to get the Tivoli as well but think the PM would be better.

    Thanks all!
  13. ^^^ Congrats! Great choice!
  14. Yay! I loveeee the Beverly GM!