Beverly GM Owners~ Modeling pics needed please

  1. I just ordered the Beverly MM and got to thinking about the GM. I do no live close to LV to try them on. Does anyon have ANY modeling pics of GM on?

    If so~ would you kindly post I may see how the strap works (the MM looks longer) and how wide it is?

    Thank you in advance:heart:
  2. I found one~ Here it is after much searching in case anyone else would like to know;)
    I hope she doesn't mind....
  3. What I found when trying on the GM in the store was that it was impossible to keep the outer strap on my shoulder, even after crossing it. And the body of the bag was SO bulky it was actually kind of uncomfortable under my arm.

  4. Karman~ OMG! I was thinking the exact same thing! I have decided to stick w/ the MM. Thanks so much for your input!

  5. Yay!! And you're welcome ;)
  6. OMG... this is my life saving thread...

    My mom likes the GM.. (which I think it's gorgeous & I love big bag)..

    I think the MM has reasonable shape (neither big or small)..

    still couldn't make up my mind..