Beverly Gm Or Multicolor Alma???

  1. can you guys help me on deciding which bag to buy, it will be my third bag from LV cause i collect bags from all designers so for LV BAGS its really hard to decide cause almost all of them are really beautiful, not unlike other brands they only have one or two really good looking bags like ysl. anyways back to my dilemma i really adore the new design of LV named beverly but i really want to have a multicolor alma, i prefer medium size bags thats comfortable to carry around, are you guys satisfied with your multicolor?
  2. I love MC, but despise the Alma shape... so I'd go with the new Beverly:yes:
  3. ^ agreed. i never liked the alma at all!
  4. Not a fan of the Alma- but you might want to look into the new Rita multicolor bag if you like the look of the beverly. I say Multicolore all the way cause they're such fun bags, but I also want a beverly. Either will be a fab choice for you!
  5. My vote is for the MC Alma! : )
  6. i love MC. in white its the kinda bag that cheers up any out fit and looks nice and summery
  7. I vote for the Beverly!
  8. I vote for the alma. I didnt really like the shape of the alm except for the MC. I have one and it's great - very roomy!!

    It's a little hard to compare the 2 coz one's a shoulder and the other is a handheld. What about the rita? There are 3 bags scheduled for release in the MC(not sure when). There was a previous thread about this. You might have to ask Greenbelt to put you on the wait list. I just came from Greenbelt 3 days ago and they only had the epi montaigne and the ivories in stock.

    Happy shopping! :smile:
  9. I vote for MC Alma.
  10. The new multicolore bags were in store the last two weeks of march, but officially launched on April 1st. They have been on Elux a few times already too. I vote for the Rita from that bunch of bags. Can't wait to own it in black AND white! :yahoo: :yahoo: There are some photos of all the bags in both colors on recent posts if you do a search. Have fun deciding!
  11. I vote for the Beverly too.
  12. definitely consider the rita (new mc) or even the ursula (new mc). I don't much like the beverly (sorry)
  13. I'd choose Multicolor, but I'm not too fond of the Alma shape... and I also LOVE the new Beverly GM so I'd go for it
  14. i dont ussually buy lv in greenbelt so i think it wont be a problem, anyways thanks for the advice