beverly gm or beverly nm??

  1. I just absolutely love the new beverly mm and went to purchase it yesterday and also saw the gm. I love that the gm has two straps and that the straps are a little bit shorter than the mm, so it looks good worn over the shoulder and on the arm, but some people are saying it is too big. I ordinarily go for large purses and since this is my FIRST LV purchase, I want to be sure I'm making the logical choice. HELP :smile:
  2. i like the mm better. my sis jut got it and it's pretty roomy inside. i say mm.
  3. I like nm too
  4. Mm
  5. i'd say nm too. my friend has it and loves it.
  6. Definitely MM...I just bought one over the weekend. :tup:
  7. I have the gm and love the size. It fits sooo much and still looks stylish. Search for my thread for modeling pics.
  8. Yup, I'd get the MM also. :yes:
  9. I prefer the MM because to me the GM looks ridiculous.
  10. mm, the gm is huge.
  11. ummm both. lol
  12. I like the mm better as it got 1 strap, you can wear it dress up or down and it is on my wish list too~
  13. I would say the MM, the size is more manageable to me.
  14. I prefer the mm
  15. MM is nicer to me because it's already roomy but the bag is so structured that it almost looks kind of strange if it's too big.