Beverly Clutch or Recital?

  1. I would use it mostly for day running around and the occassional night out. Which one?
  2. [​IMG]
    i like the recital better.

    i just got the recital. i saw a picture of victoria beckham carrying the recital and it looked so polished and chic (picture above). i didn't get the beverly because it's really short in height and my wallet doesn't fit as well in the beverly. also, the recital slightly bigger, i think. i do love the gold hardware on the beverly and the removable strap though. the recital is surprisingly roomy and fit all my stuff without a problem- wallet, cell, keys, a pack of gum, pepper spray, 1 mascara, eyeliner, 1 chapstick, 1 lip gloss, 1 lipstick, q-tips, mirror compact, hair bands, earrings, and my 2004 super big & bulky 20GB apple ipod e.t.c. before i bought the recital, i asked the sales associate if i could double-check and put all my stuff into the recital to see if it all fit... and it did, and with a little extra room to spare. wow, i was surprised that i could fit all that, especially my bulky/big ipod.
  3. I love the look of the beverly. The recital looks a little bigger and would fit more though. It really depends on how much you need to fit in there, I guess.
  4. Beerly Clutch!
  5. definitely the recital :yes:
  6. Beverly. Love that it can be worn with the strap for day and as a clutch for evening!
  7. :heart:Recital:heart:

    I have one and find it to be so useful. It's roomier than ya think. It fits nicely under my arm. Very comfy as a hand held bag, too. Try them both to see which you prefer.
  8. I say the Recital..I have this bag!!! It is a lot roomier than you would think and it fits on my shoulder perfectly!
  9. Beverly Clutch :biggrin:
  10. recital
  11. I pick recital.
  12. ^^haha! VB looks like she's wearing a toolbelt! :roflmfao: I personally prefer the Beverly.
  13. I like the recital!
  14. I like the recital it would be more useful i think.
  15. I like the every I think it is more sparkling with the gold, and I like the shape of it.