Beverly Center tomorrow....I'm going in!

  1. I'm venturing into the Bermuda Triangle known as the Beverly Center to pick up a pomme d'amour cles they are holding for me. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers that I don't buy anything else!!!
    Will come back with a full report tomorrow evening.
  2. Lol...Bermuda Triangle :lol:
    I got sort of lost in the parking garage last time haha.

    Anyway have fun...can't wait to see it when you get it!! :yahoo:
  3. hv fun!!! keep us posted!
  4. I hate hate hate that garage!!! I always have to treat myself to a drink at that little bar inside the mall after I get there!
  5. Have great time!
  6. Have a wonderful trip!
  7. Good luck at Miss Beverly!
  8. Haha I know! I didn't go to the bar, I went and bought myself some shoes after that :lol:
  9. lol.dont go missing in the lv store!
  10. Have fun!
  11. Have fun!!! Don't get lost like Rebecca. :roflmfao:
  12. have fun!
  13. Have a great time! Cant wait for the report tomorrow!!
  14. oh I have it down, I know exactly where to park so that I come up in the elevator right next to the bar which is closest to LV!!
  15. well guys, I didn't end up going afterall...I had to sign a bunch of papers in order to sell my dads house and had to drive to Victorville (90 miles away) to do it! I'm gonna try again next week - I'll keep you posted and I just hope my little cles will still be there.