Beverly Center LA - H&M open yet??

  1. hi - has anyone seen the new H&M store in the beverly center yet?? is it open?
  2. I haven't heard that it has yet.. supposedly in the fall, correct? They're also building one in Pasedena. I can't wait!!
  3. hasn't opened yet
  4. me neither! im so excited! plus they're opening one at santa anita and i live like 2 mins away! the one at the mall is two stories! :nuts: not so sure why they decided to open two so close together but hey! im not complaining! ;D

    and they're all opening fall. not exactly sure when though.
  5. oh no. H&M.
    Horrid clothing! The store will resemble a jumble sale after a few days, the clothes fall apart after a couple of wears (if you are lucky).
    Not a great store AT ALL :biggrin:
  6. Wow, H&M is attacking socal! I can't wait to check it out, but I'm going to go after the initial madness is over. San Francisco's H&M was insanely rampaged initially hahaha.
  7. i cannot wait. please let us know when they open for both BH and pasadena :smile:
  8. ooo, you lucky ducks. all the good things came to l.a. when i left. hmmm.
    i think with h&m you have to be selective. a whole lot of it is junk, and then there are some real gems, and imo, if you can find a gem for $25-$40, that is worth a little extra effort. i have a few pieces from them that i would have happily paid more for if they came with a nice tag inside from a boutique with good customer service. and design-wise my h&m items are worthy of being worn with the best that i have (martin margiela, balenciaga, etc.).
  9. I can 't wait either!!
  10. It's going to be very soon but I'm not sure of the exact day. I work at the Powell H&M in San Francisco and we had visual merchandisers and floor managers for the Pasadena and Beverly Center stores training with us for a while. They left last week. I'll post when I hear more news.
  11. I asked a floor manager training for the Pasadena store and he told me that they're opening the Pasadena H&M on September 22nd.
  12. ^^This is exciting!
  13. AMEN! I don't really buy anything but really basic stuff from h&m, and it lasts for maybe one or two months if I'm lucky. I always buy tank tops and stuff from there, but many of them have gotten loose threads and holes after a couple of times wear. And that combined with the fact that lots of the clothes are made by child labour and other dodgy things (Don't know if it's been done anything with, but it was in the media quite recently), I'll rather start buying more expensive stuff abroad.
    But sure, they have nice, seasonal stuff.

  14. on a flight to Switzerland on easyjet I read in an in flight magazine that H&M is opening 600 locations in the US--yes, SIX hundred! and I double checked the same article on my flight to Paris to make sure I remembered correctly!