Between Coach Ergo belted and Coach large Tote...???

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  1. First.. sorry for my english...
    I am new here...
    My husband gave me for my birthday a Coach Ergo in plum color and when I received in the mail (because they don't have any in that color available that day in the store) I discovered it was scratched in the leather... I went to the store and I exchanged for a Coach Ergo Belted in black and khaki with a Bleecker Wristlet. This Wristlet is very big and I am just using it... I still have the bag in the closet. Today looking in I saw a Signature stripe large tote that cost $268.00 and I think I will use this more since I have a baby and maybe I can put a bottle there instead to bring with me his diaper bag. The only thing that I don't like is that don't have a zipper... I wish I can keep this one (Ergo) and buy the other (Tote) but I honestly don't want my husband have a heart attack!!!

    My questions are:

    1. Can I go and exchange the bag again?
    2. Which one you think is better? The Ergo or the Tote???

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. I'm not a huge fan of the Ergo Belted Hobo... I say go for a bigger bag.

    Since you do like the Signature Stripe Tote, but don't like the part of it not having a zipper, have you considered looking into a Signature Gallery Tote?
  3. Off course! but the little (little) problem is that they are more expensive and I don't want my husband have a heart attack!!! Ha ha
    But anyways, I think that I like more the stripe one because it is more simple. The only think now is that I feel embarrassment going to exchange it again!
  5. Don't feel bad about exchanging it again!

    I've had and gone exchanged about 3 times because I couldn't make up my mind on which bag I wanted.. XD

    Coach SA's should be understanding. :smile:
  6. As far as exchanging, don't worry!!! It happens to all of us.. coach is a nice brand that costs some good money and we need to be sure! :yes: I would get what you love.. I think considering you have a baby and bottles and stuff the tote definately seems more fitting for you..and it's darling! Let us know what you decide, and post pics! :tup:
  7. Don't worry about exchanging it, you need to be absolutely happy with your purchase! I think the tote is a great bag for you, it will hold all your baby stuff but will still look fabulous!:yes:
  8. Coach has diaper bags that come with a padded changing pad. Those are really nice when you have a little one in diapers. Very roomy too. Then when they grow out of diapers, you can use the changing pad to pad your laptop computer. It is a little bit bigger than the Large Tote. For example: (Sorry, I couldn't seem to get the picture to paste in. Probably because I'm on a work computer and they are weird)

    One little Mom to Mom tip: If you keep the trunk of your car clean it makes a handy changing table when you are out and about. Baby can't roll out, they aren't totally exposed to the whole world when you are changing them, you can keep a package of diaper wipes handy, etc.
  9. i dont like the tote because the straps are so thin, also they make fakes of these and they are common =(

    ever try a large ergo?
  10. OK. Thanks everybody for the answers!!!
    I went today to the store for return the Ergo and they don't have any Signature tote available... They told me that they can ship one for me but I decided wait since the new collection will be available Monday.
    So, I went to Macy's and I bought a small Carly in denim for $114.00!!! You think that this bag is pretty? Is very small.
    Anyways, now I have a small Carly and I will wait for the Tote next week...