Between Coach Ergo belted and Coach large Tote...???

  1. First.. sorry for my english...
    My husband gave me for my birthday a Coach Ergo in plum color and when I received in the mail (because they don't have any in that color available that day in the store) I discovered it was scratched in the leather... I went to the store and I exchanged for a Coach Ergo Belted in black and khaki with a Bleecker Wristlet. This Wristlet is very big and I am just using it... I still have the bag in the closet. Today looking in I saw a Signature stripe large tote that cost $268.00 and I think I will use this more since I have a baby and maybe I can put a bottle there instead to bring with me his diaper bag. The only thing that I don't like is that don't have a zipper...
    My questions are:

    1. Can I go and exchange the bag again?
    2. Which one you think is better? The Ergo or the Tote???

    The following pictures show both bags:
    11274.jpg 9213_1.jpg
  2. Up.
  3. I would think as long as the bag is still new, with tags attached, and you have the receipt, Coach would not have a problem with an exchange.

    As far as which bag...that's a toughie. If you don't like that it doesn't have a zipper, that would be a deal breaker for me. Sorry I'm not much help, huh? :push:
  4. I would keep the ergo. If a bottle spilled in either bag you would be very up set. If you really prefer the tote then I would get it. Does the tote have a zip pocket for your wallet? The tote can fit a changing pad. With busy holiday shopping just make your wallet is safe while you tend to your child. Just a hint from a mother of 4. Good luck with what ever you choose.