Between 2 Purses: Part 2

  1. OK, now it is the final decision, your answers depend on which purse i get, now should i get the cherry bollsom or the ceries?
    i really need a final answer, thanx for helping me b4!
  2. cerises
  3. I love the cherry blossom, I have that purse and it really is a favorite of mine. Maybe because it is pink but I just think it is so cute and I would pick it over the ceries.
  4. I think you're going to have to really decide this one for yourself, after you get all of our opinions, as it's going to be your baby!! :yes: They're both adorable, so you can't go wrong w/either. Ask yourself this: if you heard someone was going to bin, which one would break your heart at the thought of having missed out on the opportunity to get it?
    Good luck...let us know which one you pick!;)
  5. Definently the cherry blossom
  6. Cherry blossom
  7. cerises!
  8. Cherry blossom!!!!!!!
  9. Usually id pick cerises but the pochette isnt my favorite from the line...and pink IS my fave color lol so CB :smile:
  10. Cb! : )
  11. Cb
  12. another cherry blossom vote, but pick what you love best!
  13. cb
  14. I think from your signature you are 12...therefore get the cherry blossoms.....very cute for your age. Good luck with your decision!
  15. Cerise