Betty White!

  1. That was a body double, but good episode. I can watch their reruns over and over.

  2. hahhahaha i love that one We should have a Golden Girl thread !!!
  3. I tape reruns everyday and watch them over and over!
  4. DH and I went through a phase a while ago where we set the DVR to record all the re-runs and we would watch 2 or 3 each night. So hilarious! Dorothy was my favorite character, I was so sad when Bea died...

  5. If you search, I had one loaded.
  6. I thought the split was real, I recall seeing her do that more than once over the years.
  7. Betty White Mania

    You should know that White has never really faded from our purview since she first appeared on an experimental TV show right after graduating from high school. I won't detail every one of her major gigs—head to IMDb and bow down, fools—but will instead cut to later stuff.
    For example, even though Golden Girls went off the air in 1992, the classic sitcom has remained alive in reruns on no less than three networks ever since.
    So how did White "reemerge"? Here we go.
    It started not, as many less knowledgeable people have tried to tell me, with that superfunny Super Bowl commercial for Snickers. No, it actually started earlier, TV historian Wesley Hyatt explains.
    "The Proposal came out in June of last year," Hyatt points out, adding that many people thought White stole that movie right out from under costar Sandra Bullock. That appearance, Hyatt notes, was followed by the September announcement that the Screen Actors Guild would offer White a lifetime achievement award at the next SAG Awards.
    When the Awards finally came around in January, White, as they say in the biz, "killed."
    ("Isn't it heartening," she joked about Bullock, "to see how far a girl as plain as she is can go?")
    Audiences, including the all important 18-35 demographic, marveled at White's sharp comedic timing and genuinely joyful persona at a time when such sunniness was sorely needed.
    The Super Bowl Snickers ad and the successful Facebook campaign to have White host SNL only fueled the actress's already hot streak, Hyatt says.
    So, you ask, is it over yet? Nope.
    For one, there's yet another campaign going to have White host, or cohost, the Emmys. That slot is already taken by Jimmy Fallon, but Hyatt is convinced that the TV folks will probably nominate White for her SNL appearance. That, of course, will mean still more Betty White appearances. And it doesn't end there; lest we forget, White has signed on for the upcoming sitcom, Hot in Cleveland.
  8. I absolutely love Betty White! I remember her on Mama's Family when I was really really young and then really got introduced to her on GG. She's amazing. What a sharp wit, especially considering her age! It would be great if SNL could get Carol Burnett on...another comedic genius!
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    I love Betty, but it pisses me off that the only reason people are interested in her lately is because a bunch of stupid 14 year old giggling neo-hipsters pretend to like her "ironically". It's the same thing as that whole "CHUCK NORRIS" nonsense. (I defy them to quote ONE episode of Golden Girls/Walker Texas Ranger)

    But, hey, she's a classy dame, good on her all the same!
  10. Oh, that would be great! Carol Burnett is awesome, saw her on Regis and Kelly recently, she's still tugging her ear! LOL. Oh and her story how she got started is amazing! Betty and Carol are great ladies that I'd love to see more of, we're fortunate that they are still around to entertain us!
  11. I haven't paid much attention to what brought her out of hiding again, but I'm so glad it worked regardless of the intent! She showed them! LOL.
  12. And before them it was the Hoff.
  13. Nope. You can tell the double is wearing a wig and a bit thinner than White. Also when she goes into the split, the double covers her face and when they cut that scene, it's back to her.
  14. Darn! Oh well, I still lover her. I need to watch an episode of Golden Girls, I'm dying to hear her say something about when she grew up in St. Olaf.
  15. Betty White's Wildlife Charity Calendar

    She’s aging like a fine wine, and Betty White is showing no signs of slowing down.

    The former “Golden Girl” - who was recently nominated for the Outstanding Guest Actress in Comedy Emmy for her infamous “Saturday Night Live” skit - has created a calendar for 2011 to help benefit the Morris Animal Foundation.

    According to BBC, Ms White will ham it up for the camera, posing with animals and shirtless hunks for each month of the year and all proceeds will go to the wildlife charity.

    In related news, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa recently honored the iconic actress for her work with the Los Angeles Zoo, where she is an ambassador for its animals.