Betty Tote Chain

  1. Does anyone have this bag? I really like the look and the price is amazing! It says it is sheepskin. I wonder if it would be lighter in weight than the reg. betty. What do you guys think?
    Chloe -  Betty Leather Tote -  Bergdorf Goodman
  2. Awesome bag. The leather is very soft and light weight!!!
  3. The one at BG isn't on sale. That is just the regular price. Something must be very different to justify the HUGE price difference.
  4. It is on sale. For some reason they must have put it back in the non sale section at the sale price. This is one they have had on sale for some time--it was sold out but it looks like someone returned one and they posted it incorrectly. The regular price of the bag was around $1900--this price is 50% off the original price.
  5. Dont have it but it sure does look cool. Nice bag and the leather looks amazing.
  6. Wow! Thanks green eggs, what is even more strange is that I ordered it yesterday from BG and it is still listed as available. There must be several available. I am looking for a larger black bag.
    I also found, at a STEAL, a black on black paddy cross body. I want to compare the two. God knows, I don't need them both!
    I wonder if it cumbersome.
  7. Amazing sales going on right now!!!
  8. I bought this bag at First Call- Neiman Marcus and at first I loved it. However it was very heavy - even for a six footer like myself. And the double chain handles refused to stay on my shoulders. When some thread on the handle started unravelling I took it to the store and Neiman's said I could either have them repair it or I could return it. So I returned it - somewhat reluctantly because it DID look really good. Meanwhile tonight I scored jumping on a chain handled patent Betty on sale. The black tote I bought at First Call was almost $1300 so this $900 deal is pretty dam#ed good!
  9. I tried this bag at NM before Christmas and LOVED IT! I didn't think it was heavy at all compared to the Paddingtons we've been lugging around for the last year!
  10. I got it! It is perfect for me!! Jackpot! cha ching!
    I plan on using it occasionally for school (yep, 40 and back to school full-time):nuts:
    It will be perfect for that extra carry-on also. I have been using a cavernous/no pocket LV for years as my carry-on and this will be so much better! It is lighter than my LV or perhaps it just sits on my shoulder more comfortably. God nows, it will fit under the seat better than the LV!!! It is squishy!!
    I adore the idea that there is both silver and gold on it. No worries about matching my jewelry, purse or buttons. What an awesome bag.
    I am diggin Betty!
  11. Congrats mlredo! It is a beautiful bag!
    AND you got a KILLER DEAL!
  12. I am so glad you like it--it really is an awesome bag at an amazing price!!!!
  13. I am so glad you like it--it really is an awesome bag at an amazing price!!!!
  14. Thanks for all the input and the congrats! I have spent the last month orderering, touching, oogling and returning numerous bags until, I found the perfect ones for me! I am exhausted. and to think it all started when I recieved a gift of some black chloe boots! My BF had no idea the can of worms he opened!