Betty Shoulder bag Silver?????? urgent

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  1. I am just about to purchase a Betty Shoulder Bag in Silver. Can anyone tell me if there are any problems with this leather and is the bag versatile. Many thanks in advance/
  2. My mom has a small golden betty and it has been fine, no problems at all. I believe the material (leather) is similar to silver one. The leather is not as thick as in paddintons so the bag isn't heavy at all.

    However I've read here that common problem with metallic colours is that the paint will often rub away with time. I haven't heard anything like this happened with bettys and my moms bag has stayed fine but maybe you should wait for more opinions just to be sure..?
  3. I have the argent Shopper (gold/silver combination). Look at my Avitar. Anyway when I wear that bag I tend to carry it in long spirts. The only wear I'm starting to see (after 9 months) is inside the handles and maybe around the edges, ever so slightly. It's a lambs leather so the bag is pretty light and supple. Underneath the wear pattern you see black which IMO enhances the beauty of the purse. I hope that helps? BTW I love that Chloe design with a metallic combination.
  4. Thank you both for responding, I just thought I'd ask before purchasing. Many thanks for taking the time.