betty satchel

I have the medium size Betty in chocolate leather. I have tried several styles...the smallest patent (very square, boxy), the small (medium or square) leather, the tote, the hobo, and the large satchel. The smallest black patent (resort, I think) and the tote, can only be worn on the arm. The SS06 small (more medium size) and large satchels can be worn on the arm or shoulder. As I said, I have the SS06 small (again, not to be confused with the first Betty that came out) now and a large on the way. I am loving this bag. Is is actually quite light (not too much difference between this bag and my b-bags in weight). Note: you must un-stuff the bag to try it has a completely different feel with your things in it than with the massive stuffing it typically contains on the shelf.
The patent is pretty stiff...there is also a difference between leather/colors...I tried on an ivory large that was very soft and a black large that was much less so...
The bag is interesting, but I hate, hate, hate the mix of silver and gold hardware - it cheapens the look of the bag, in my opinion. It looks like the designer was on Project Runway and didn't have the hardware on hand to properly finish the design. :lol: