Betty satchel for $479

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  1. I posted this in the chloe forum, but I think it belongs here instead.

    there is a chocolate betty xs satchel on sale for $479 at bloomingdales in chestnut hill, ma

    it's on clearance with 50% off... it's the last one... and i have it on hold for a lucky tpf-er!

    here's the info:
    ask for handbags, SA is Kristina
    on hold under my name: Ny'ree
    --Kristina is there until 6 pm, but the bag will remain on hold until closing tonight
  2. What a great deal!!! Thanks for the post:smile:...
    Who ever gets it post pics!
  3. Okay, here's a picture... tempting, isn't it? betty.jpg
  4. Someone needs to grab this one! What a great deal.
  5. omg... Very Tempting I Wish It Were The Bigger One!
  6. I wouldn't have put it on hold if it were the bigger one... I'd have purchased it myself!!!

  7. LOL..:lol:!!!!
  8. I hear that someone grabbed it already!!!!! I hope whoever grabbed it will post something soon... like modeling pics!! congrats to whomever got her...she's a beauty.
  9. Great find! :yes: Congrats to whoever got it! :tup: