Betty Pix and a new Bay style....

  1. I can't believe, but Nordstroms price matched the Betty Tote on BG's website! it retails for 2,100 and I got it for $998. INSANE. Here's a picture of it on the counter at Nordies....More will come with it at home. I am just in love, this sucker is so soft and light and soooo many pockets!

    Also, there was a beautiful big roomy tote in the Bay style. It's a chocolate brown color and this sucker was big (it's more n/s and nice and tall and roomy!)! Open top (no zipper) and man, you could definitely fit a lot of shopping in it. Of all the Bay styles, this one was my favorite and I have never seen it before! If anyone is interested, my favorite SA for the past 8 years is Jamie. Her # is 425-456-5800 and ask for Designer Handbags and then for her. She is the sweetest thing ever! She has access to a digital camera and can email pictures of ANYTHING, just call her. This bay was amazing!! Please make sure to tell her Monica referred you. I've really been working her hard so that would be so much appreciated on my end :p :heart: :heart:
    chloe betty tote.jpg
  2. WOW she's an absolute beauty, congratulations on a great deal!!! :yes:
  3. Beautiful bag Mammab - wow $2100 down to $998 -- yes INSANE!! Congratulations Great Deal! Love that Betty Style.
  4. Great shopping mammab! Congrats!! Betty is so hot for sure!!!!! Mine is arriving from Bergdorf on Monday - I can't wait! :yahoo:
  5. congrats !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Congrats!! it's SO pretty!
  7. That is gorgeous! I REALLY want want now :heart::love:
  8. Such a deal!! It's a beauty!
  9. I got this one in red from Intermix during their sale. I LOVE it! It makes me feel so stylish. My only complaint is that those chain links PINCH my skin when I try to slide the bag up to my shoulder. That part is not fun at all. I'm probably in too much of a hurry all the time - if you took the time to do it slowly, it would probably be fine. But it's worth the pain to me, LOL! :smile:
  10. Congrats on your new bag! Was the Bay you saw $1800?? I bought a Bay that was Moka with a long shoulder strap, but it is not the cross body bag with the super long strap. My bag was $1800 and the cross body hobo was $1600...Does anyone know?? I have only seen mine at Nordies..
  11. ^Kristie I saw the bag you're describing at Nordies too - gorgeous! And yes, it was $1800 - more than the cross-body even though it is smaller but it has more dividers inside. I think Jag posted a pic of your bag in her thread about the Great Bay & Pics. ( ) The Bay bag mammab is talking about is strictly a tote with short handles - I saw that one too.