Betty Owners!

  1. Contemplating a Betty at 40% off.....never had one before.

    All you Betty you find it a practical bag? Easy to use?

    thanks ;)
  2. I have the medium in chocolate. I love it. I keep my phone in a outside pocket for easy access. I also leave the top partially unzipped for easy access. It is a little different than carrying the Paddy, but good in different ways.
  3. I am not quite sure about the you find them too wide and do you use it as a shoulder bag?
  4. I just bought a medium Betty. I find it very heavy which I thought was surprising! Call me crazy but it seems heavier than a Paddington. It does not go over my shoulder but I don't find the straps too wide to be comfortable when I hold it. Out of the five pockets, I find two of them practical (for cell) but the others are too oddly shaped or too small. In spite of it all, I LOVE this bag! I've only had it for a few days but that's my experience so far.
  5. thanks! think I am going to get one tomorrow...40% off is too tempting!
  6. i haven't been using mine much because it's black and i think more of a fall/winter bag for me but i really like it and for 40% off...go for it! what size/color will you get?

    p.s. i find the sizes so confusing so i'm not sure which mine is but the handle drop is about 8 inches and fits easily on my shoulder if that helps?
  7. I love the Betty. I flip the straps so taht it is more comfortable on the shoulder. It is a bit wide otherwise, atleast I find so.
  8. I do use it as a shoulder bag. As long as I do not have a bulky coat (like in the winter) it fits nicely on my shoulder. I love the Paddy, but the Betty is a nice change.
  9. I think it's a perfect bag to tote my things to work (I have the large size) It fit easily over my shoulder, but I usually carry it on my arm. I'm thinking of getting the next size down. It's a great bag! You'll really like it!
  10. ooh, if you did buy it Miss Bradshaw, will you post the piccie so we can see it please :smile:
  11. Miss bradshaw-Where did you see the bettys at 40% off? I am still wanting the medium size black patent and this could be my way to get it!
  12. 30% plus an extra 10% for Liberty card holders
  13. Liberty? Is that a shop? I'm confused?!
  14. Hi - yes its a shop in London
  15. Thanks, I'll ring 118 and get the number to call them tomorrow and see if they have my black patent betty. Do you know if they have the black patent?