Betty owners......

  1. what do you keep in your coin purse and do you let it "swing free"?
    I've used mine for the first time today and it's already dinged the inside of my car door frame! Whoops!

    I was thinking of taking it of, but it's so damn cute :p
  2. I sometimes let mine hang down, tie a couple of knots in the strap to shorten it. Other times I just stuff it inside the bag, but it is much cuter outside.
  3. ditto:yes:
  4. I also put mine outside, as I find this a unique (and very cute) feature of the bag. But I also, as it was mentioned before, tie a few knots to shorten the strap. I do not put anything inside the small purse, though.
  5. I let mine just hang out!
  6. Does anyone store anything in theirs?
    I can't think what would fit in there! :confused1:
  7. I keep coins in my coin purse and keep it hanging outside for the most part. It comes in handy for when I only need a couple of coins like for the parking meter or for a toll. I have quick access to them without having to open my bag.
  8. I let mine swing freely as she wishes! A friend of mine tried to tuck it into my bag for me the other day and i was like "hey stop that! it's supposed to hang like that!" LOL Personally, i think it gives the bag character and would not remove it.
  9. I let mine hang it! I put my $1.25 in there for water at the gym. Easy to grab.:smile: I love every minute of my soda machine experience!