Betty or Paddy? Color? Please Help!!!

  1. Hello!
    I'm new to this forum, I only start my bag collection and I'm totally in love with Chloe!I'm going to buy my first ever Chloe bag, I think via Net-A-Porter, as we don't have Chloe shops in Ukraine. Help me please to decide what to buy, as I have money only for 1 bag:crybaby: .I simply love black betty, plus it goes wonderful with my clothes, and I think it's very useful fo everyday wear, but I also SO love Paddingtons! from what is possible now to purchase in Net-A-Porter I like Paddy in Tan and Sable colors. Please, please, please help me what to choose! Plus, have anyone done shopping via this site? Is it OK? Thanks a lot :smile: .
  2. It's very hard to say because i think the betty and paddy wear very differently. but overall, i'd choose the paddy first.

    Sable is from 05 and discontinued.

    This season, they have various shades of tan, but not the original tan from 05.

    I love the hues now... muscade and creme would be my picks for a first paddy.

    Please share w/ us your final decision : )
  3. Hi! Welcome to tpf. I also trust net a porter and they are great to deal with. It is the best European site for me. I bought my first paddy from nap and it was amazing. I got the dark grey that goes great with jeans and casualwear. The black Betty is a really nice bag and it must be lighter than the paddy. You should think the weight issue as the paddy is for some people not so comfortable due to its weight. I would recommend the choco, black or dark grey paddy as these colors are great for winter!
  4. Paddy!! Yummy chocolate!
  5. Both styles are gorgeous, I personally prefer paddingtons but I wouldn't mind having a python betty :biggrin: In paddingtons I'd go for chocolate, whisky, tan or some cream shade - actually all the paddington colours are beautiful :P
  6. I favor paddingtons over bettys (both gorgeous bags though!) The suggestions posted so far have been really good - personally I like white/cream colored paddingtons the most. :love: I think they can be casual or dressed up depending on your outfit! If you are afraid that cream would be harder to care for, whiskey, tan, chocolate, and mousse are all lovely shades. JMO!! :flowers:
  7." target="_blank" class="TPFinsert" rel="nofollow">Net-A-Porter is great and you can't go wrong with either bag...have fun shopping!
  8. You cannot go wrong either way! Although I prefer the paddington (have 2 and love them), I also love the Betty. They are very different bags though so it all depends on what you are looking for- and no matter what, you get a fabulous bag!!! I would just take a look at all the pics in our reference section to see what strikes you! Good luck!!!
  9. paddy in creme! oh so yummy! for a first Chole'
  10. Thanks to all of you! I SO appreciate your help! I still have to think it over, but I think I'll chose probably some creme-shaded paddy (if this is still available :smile: ). Even though my boyfriend will think I'm definitely nuts to spend such a fortune on a bag (men just do not seem to understand!:sad: ). Anyway, I'll share the result as soon as I get it! :love: all of you! I seem to find really understanding people! Still, I'll be grateful for more opinions!

  11. Good luck! I think the Betty and Paddy are such different bags, I LOVE my Betty though, it's big but light for it's size, it's sooooo functional and (I have the large one) considering it's quite large, due to the shape and structure it doesn't seem HUGE..... They are both beautiful bags but I'm def. more of a Betty girl.....
  12. I would go a Paddington, but that's just me. :smile:
  13. Hi and welcome to tPF!:flowers:

    I would go for a Paddington too - without hesitation.

    I would aim for a 'neutral' colour such as tan, brown or a cream colour, that won't date and will go with any outfit - so if it ends up being the only bag you are able to get for a long time, you'll be able to wear it with everything.:yes:

    Can't wait to see pics, whichever bag you choose!
  14. Chloe is sold in Kyiv, in one of Helen Marlen boutiques, Passage 15 in the Passage.
  15. I have a paddy in galet on the way, its a creamy beigy colour with silver hardware. I fell in love as soon as I saw it. It's an 07 colour too so you should have no trouble finding it. Another colour I also like is Muscade, such a classic dark tan :smile:
    For a true cream though I would say Mais, it is like a buttermilk kind of colour I think? It's also an 07 colour I think?
    Good luck with whatever you choose, I'm sure you will love it!