Betty Hobo Leather

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  1. To the Betty experts - just got an '06 Hobo in chamois - like the style - even my little girl wants to use it for school - but I find the leather so thin. Got a good condition one ( from a fellow tpfer) but it had minor scratches from wear and I'm afaid I really have to baby this one-just when I was planning to use it for an everyday bag. How is the leather on your Betty's ? Are they holding up from typical use and wear?
  2. The Betty leather is quite delicate and difficult to
    touch up and condition.
    The tanning process of the leather somehow
    absorbs the oils of conditioner and makes areas darker.

    This is a bag that you will best enjoy if you simply
    accept all of the imperfections as the beauty of personalized distressing. :girlsigh:
  3. I do want it to get distressed looking eventually - just afraid it will have rips and tears - oh well... at least I didn't have to shell mucho dinero for it. Thanks for the info.
  4. I've never heard of rips and tears. It is a fine goatskin,
    but this is a quality leather. A few scratches, a lost screw on the flip-lock, but that's it.

  5. I have Betty hobo in black, it's really thin and delicate leather, really. No tears, but it scratches really easily.
  6. So glad I read this thread, you've just killed a major lemming for me. I've been longing for one of these as an everyday bag but I don't think it will work for me - I hate things getting scratched. I think the Paddy hobo will be more for me.
  7. I bought that one and then returned it. It just seemed a little too fragile for me.
  8. My only suggestion is to be carefull with color transfer. I have a green Betty and I have had problems with color transfer. I try to be careful when I wear jeans and other dark clothing but my Betty still has areas that have darkened. I hope a professional cleaning will lift some of the color. I need to pull it out of my closet for spring!
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