Betty help!

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  1. I'm hoping my fellow Chloe fans can help me. Quite a few months ago, I bought a lovely black leather large Chloe Betty satchel on sale from Neiman Marcus.

    The bag is lovely and perfect - except that it is missing the leather pull ties that should be on the gold rings. The rings are there, the leather is not!

    I contacted NM, and they spent many months trying to track down another bag, trying to get replacement leather ties from Chloe, etc., but no luck. They did give me 10% off of the sale price, and since the bag wasn't on last call, said that they would still take the bag as a return if I am just not satisfied.

    I would really like to keep the bag, and am thinking of having some leather ties made to match. Really, they are very simple leather strands, and I should be able to have a good place make them for me.

    But here is my problem - I'm in the middle of nowhere, and have no idea of where to find a good place to discuss this with.

    Do any of you know of (or have worked with) a GOOD, reliable, high quality leather shop that you think could do this?

    I would sooooo appreciate any and all help!

    Thank you very much.
  2. Just wanted to add a picture of the bag, from

  3. You ought to try contacting Chloe direct, I bet the will help you. I'm sceptical when stores say they have contacted the designer and got nowhere
  4. Mooks, any ideas on how to do that? Obviously, I don't have a Chloe store anywhere near me, does anyone have the number of a U.S. store that might be able to help?

    In my past experiences, usually the manufacturer (Chloe in this case) wants you to go through the store that you purchased it from.
  5. Thanks!

    I spoke to a young woman in New York, who told me that the person I should speak to will be back on Monday. Keep your fingers crossed!
  6. Cool! Let us know how you get on
  7. Youngproof did you get any info from Chloe?
  8. also, balenciaga bags always come with a spare set, the black bags would be perfect for what you need ;) so maybe widen your search to include balenciaga ties too :yes:
  9. You can buy spare tassels from Balenciaga New York. I think they're $7.50 a pair, or something like that ( the ONLY bill from Balenciaga that I have ever shown my husband!)