betty help please!

  1. i am interested in getting a medium betty from this season. does it come in 2 or 3 sizes? i saw a medium tan color at NM and then a pink beige color that was a very similar betty style at a small store. both are authenitc chloe dealers. has anyone ever seen a pink beige betty? what color do you like better? both leathers seemed light weight. thank you for your help.
  2. I have a whole thread going on the large Betty if you want to see what people have said about that one. It's the "SoCal Question..." thread. I am not sure about sizes, but someone said the large is too big, the small is too small, and the tote is JUST right.
  3. I think there is small, medium, large, and hobo. Which one is the tote? The medium is perfect IMO.
  4. Check out LVR, too...they had some, but I am not sure what the sizes are. They are bad about giving dimensions on the site.
  5. what is eact website for LVR? thanks for your help. also, the pink beige color is on chloe website for summer leather collection, but i cant tell size. i think it is a medium betty.. i think that color is harder to find than the tan.
  6. My daughter emailed me today a photo of the Chloe store in NYC on Madison Avenue and there was a beautiful Betty in the window.
  7. thank you for site info, ET. no medium bettys today :sad: has anyone seen the chloe betty color pink beige IRL?
  8. what color coldplay?